Fallout Trading Cards Come to Kickstarter!

Dynamite Opens the “Vault” and Releases
First Fallout Trading Card Collectors Box

November 20, Mt. Laurel, NJ: War, war never changes. Dynamite Entertainment announces a Kickstarter extravaganza for the new Fallout® Collector’s Trading Cards series!

The campaign is live right now – CLICK HERE!

Last year, Dynamite partnered with Bethesda Softworks® to create and release the first-ever Fallout trading card series. Available across the globe in stores including Target, GameStop, GAME (UK), Amazon, Toynk Toys and comic book specialty stores, they flew off the shelves and sold out almost instantly at retail. This year, Dynamite celebrates the sequel series by offering an exclusive, limited-edition collectors box directly to the fans!

Backers on Kickstarter can get the Hidden Vault Collector’s Box, stuffed with all the collectibles to prosper and barter within the post-apocalypse. Each of these custom packages, numbered and limited to 600, includes a complete base set of the sold-out Series 1 Fallout Trading Cards (144 total cards) saved for this special campaign, plus 5 foil packs of Series 2 (50 more cards), and 7 exclusive S.P.E.C.I.A.L. cards created only for this package. That’s a massive haul of over 200 collectible trading cards.

And there’s more… All Hidden Vault Collector’s Boxes additionally include two rare items. Bethesda is allowing artists outside of their company to contribute official art to the Fallout franchise through a limited number of literally one-of-a-kind sketch cards, from only the most talented artists in the field! These sketch cards are exclusive to Kickstarter. Cream of the crop artists including Andy Bohn, Norvien Basio, Miranda Gainey, Rusty Gilligan, Alex Mines, Rich Molinelli, Barry Renshaw, April Reyna, Xinjix & more!

The Hidden Vault Collectors Box is the perfect way to start your Fallout collection, but fans will have the option to increase their loot with more foil packs and boxes from Series 2. For those who want a fun way to store and present their new collections, also available are Nuka-Cola branded binders, designed with realistic weathering details.

In total, Series 2 features a base set of 100 full-color, double-sided cards, 100 holographic rainbow foil cards, 48 chase cards portraying the in-game Perks obtained by leveling up, and 8 ultra-rare RobCo Fun cards. The RobCo Fun cards can only be found once in every 144 packs!

Collectors looking for truly exclusive Fallout loot should look no further than the uncut sheets of Perk cards, set aside by the printer to verify production. Even more exclusive, go for an actual printing plate!

“The first series was such a success that we knew the Fallout fans deserved something even bigger and better if we went further,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “Expansions like the Perk cards worked out perfectly, thanks to the mechanics and design of the games aligning perfectly with trading cards. Bringing these exciting collectibles straight to the fans this time around and adding some cherries on top sealed the deal! And it could not be more of a pleasure working with our partners at Bethesda to see this through.”


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