The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 96: Bloodshot #12

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 96: Bloodshot #12 cover penciled by Don Perlin, inked by Dick Giordano and colored by Jane Mode, for the story “Bloodshot’s Day Off” written by Kevin VanHook, published by Valiant Comics in January 1994.

After a long year of fighting terrorists, mobsters, and super-powered assassins, not to mention trying to uncover his own mysterious origins, Bloodshot is finally able to take a vacation, relaxing in scenic San Juan, Puerto Rico. Of course, the guests in the hotel room next door are involved in drug smuggling, but once that little complication is out of the way, Bloodshot gets to spend some quality time with a beautiful microbiologist named Trish.

On this issue’s cover, Bloodshot is having some coffee in his hotel room while chilling out in front of the television. I’m sure it certainly makes for a pleasant change from getting shot at all the time. Pencils are by series artist and Bloodshot co-creator Don Perlin, with legendary embellisher Dick Giordano contributing inks.

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