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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*
Amazing Spider-Man # 44
Avengers # 34
Bettie Page # 1
Dark Nights: Death Metal # 2
Empyre # 1
Fantastic Four # 21
Immortal Hulk # 35
Justice League # 49
Metal Men # 8
Spider-Woman # 2
Stealth # 3
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen # 12
Teen Titans # 43
Venom # 26
Amazing Spider-Man # 44– When Kindred, the newest Spidey villain who made quite the impact since the beginning of Nick Spencer’s run on this title, I also feel like the reveal of his identity is totally being drawn out to the point where this character is losing his luster (It’s not like he’s The Hobgoblin when Roger Stern introduced him); but this latest issue of ASM seems very lackluster until Spencer turns up with heat until the next big arc, but this issue should have had some excitement, but it is what it is.
Avengers # 34– With part two of “The Age of Khonshu” in full effect I just love how Moon Knight is being portrayed here; From dealings with Mephisto and Black Panther to the grip that Khonshu has on the world, it’s hard to know if Moon Knight is the hero or the villain but this story doesn’t go overboard when it comes to recycling the whole “Hero becomes villain” storyline that’s been done to death but with a talented writer like Jason Aaron, he does a wonderful job in making that fresh for the readers and hopefully we might get a new Moon Knight series in the vein of the direction that this arc has taken the character in, and I hope it’s written by Jason Aaron.
Bettie Page # 1– While I’ve heard of Bettie Page and Dynamite came released several titles based on her life, I liked how the creative team of Karla Pacheco and Vincenzo Federici showcased the Golden Age of Hollywood and what was cool about this series is how Pacheco works in two different elements to her plot and which invoked a murder plot and filming a movie on an island that could be cursed; Now I feel that most writers would probably get tangled up by juggling so many plots but Pacheco pulls it off flawlessly all while making it enjoyable to read. This is a series that should be checked out for fans of both Bettie Page and the good ol’ days of Hollywood.
Fantastic Four # 21– This was a great tie-in to “Empyre” and while I enjoyed seeing both Spider-Man and Wolverine on the cover since this book’s upcoming story arc involves Franklin and Valeria Richards teaming up with both Spidey and Wolverine, but I would have liked to see the latter show up in the middle of the story instead of towards the end, but I do feel that this arc will be fun since it looks like The New Fantastic Four will be back…and yes, you could tell that Dan Slott enjoyed writing Spidey for the first time since 2018 and it looks like Slott’s ready to bust out some of his old Spidey dialogue that he’s probably saved since leaving “Amazing Spider-Man” so that should be fun to look forward to.
Immortal Hulk # 35– Now this has to be one of the most light-hearted stories to come out of this title, although it did maintain its usual horror-filled elements, this story reminded me sooooo much of Bill Manto’s run on “Incredible Hulk” back in the mid-1980s when The Hulk who had the mind, Bruce Banner, was not only hailed as a hero but got a presidential pardon in the aftermath of “Secret Wars”; And I really enjoyed Al Ewing playing up on Hulk’s multiple personality bit (It’s intriguing to see Bruce Banner with the Joe Fixit persona) and Hulk himself being looked at as a media darling, but if Manto’s timeless run has taught us anything is that sooner or later, The Hulk’s 15 minutes of fame will be short-lived and end in disaster so reading the fallout of that will be interesting to say the very least.
Welp, that’s it for me. I’ll be back next week with another installment of “REVIEW CORNER” as well as being back again next Wednesday for New Comics Day so thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next week.

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