The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 94: JLA Classified #10

Thank The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 94: JLA Classified #10, drawn by Butch Guice, written by Warren Ellis, lettered by Phil Balsman and colored by David Baron, published by DC Comics in September 2005.

I was sorry to hear that Warren Ellis has recently been implicated in some inappropriate disagreeable behavior, because he’s written quite a few great comic books over the years. He certainly did a good job scripting the banter between Lois Lane and Clark Kent in this story. Some of my favorite Superman stories are ones where Lois and Clark are a couple, and stories like this show that they can work very well together.

On the other hand, I am happy to showcase the work of artist Butch Guice. He does some great storytelling on this page. I like how he cuts from outside of the Daily Planet building to a view looking down at Lois’ coffee up on her desk, then to Clark and Lois on either side of the desk, and finally to a close-up of Lois among all her files & paperwork. Guice is definitely an amazing artist. He penciled Action Comics in the early 1990s, so it was interesting to have him return to the characters for this Justice League storyline, and see how much he’d developed over the intervening decade.

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