The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 92: Intimate Love #21

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 92: “A Fool In Love” from Intimate Love #21, penciled & inked by Sid Greene, published by Standard Comics in February 1953.

Jessica is working as a waitress at Wilburt’s Restaunt when she meets David, a young, handsome mechanic who comes in for a cup of coffee. David is developing on “a revolutionary type of automobile brake.” Jessica lends him money so that he can devote his time to perfecting it. Her family is understandably skeptical, concerned that she is being scammed. Fortunately all works out in the end, as David sells his invention for a bundle, and makes Jessica his partner in the deal, while of course also asking her to marry him.

Sid Greene worked as an inker over Gil Kane, Sheldon Moldoff and Mike Sekowsky at DC Comics during the Silver Age. Prior to that, he drew numerous horror, crime and romance stories for several different publishers, including Standard. Greene passed away in 1975.

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