RICH REVIEWS: Marvel Action Classics Avengers Dr. Strange # 1

Title: Marvel Action Classics Avengers Dr. Strange # 1
Publisher: Marvel/IDW
Writer: Paul Tobin
Art: Jacopo Camagni
Inks: Norman Lee
Colors: Guru-eFX, Chris Sotomayor
Lettering: Dave Sharpe
Cover by: Roger Cruz/Colors by Guru-eFX
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: “A Very Strange Day” Dr. Strange needs Spider-Man’s help to stop a threat to reality. They travel through many realities fixing them as they go and dealing with the children of the Zakimiya and going after the Zakimiya itself. It does seem like just your average day for Dr. Strange. Dr. Strange and Spider-Man do make an amazing team. They took on a being far greater than both them in power and won the day and had fun doing it.
“Contractual Discombobulations”  Dr. Strange and Wong are fighting a magical spell casting squirrel. Now Dormammu on Earth is a problem. Now the Ancient One had a contract drawn up for Dormammu when he came to Earth he had to follow all its clauses. The clauses are ridiculous things that are small little things you would not normally think of. It does add a humorous side to the story.
Doctor Strange is well illustrated in this all ages comic. The story has action and excitement to keep you glued to the pages. It is magical fun for all.

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