The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 81: Spider-Man’s Tangled Web #11

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 81: Spider-Man’s Tangled Web #11, written & penciled by Darwyn Cooke, inked by J. Bone, and colors by Matt Hollingsworth, published by Marvel Comics in April 2002.

“Open All Night” sees the old Parker Luck running true to form. Peter Parker somehow manages to get dates with Jill and Kay, two beautiful reporters at the Daily Bugle. Unfortunately for Peter, he scheduled both dates at the same time on the same night at the exact same place. To make matters worse, after a fight the Vulture, Peter as Spider-Man is left knocked out in a Manhattan alley. Jill and Kay both find themselves waiting at the Coffee Bean, and quickly realize they are both there to meet Peter. Hilarity and drama ensues, and Jill and Kay compare their very different impressions of the sort of person they believe Peter to be.

On this page the vivacious and vocal Jill is at the Daily Bugle getting ready to head over to the Coffee Bean, and she chugs down a pre-date cup of java. No wonder Jill has so much energy, if she’s drinking that much caffeine!

Darwyn Cooke really was an incredible artist whose work always possessed a real sense of fun. His storytelling was effective, his characters were expressive, his dialogue was witty, and his women were beautiful. This story definitely played to all of his strengths.

Cooke passed away in May 2016 at the much too young age of 53. The comic book world is definitely the poorer for his absence.

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