The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 77: Creepy #1

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 77: “Bewitched” from Creepy #1, drawn by Gray Morrow, written by Larry Ivie, and lettered by Ben Oda, released by Warren Publishing in November 1964.

After having a cup of coffee at the local diner, our unnamed protagonist has a very troubled night, his sleep filled with bizarre, disturbing nightmares. Well that’s what you get for having caffeine so late in the day! Okay, seriously, this formerly-smug gentleman managed to seriously piss off a coven of witches, and now he’s paying the price.

Gray Morrow is an artist that it took me some time to appreciate. I believe this is due to his art working best in black & white. There are several stories he drew that were printed in color which, when I subsequently saw the black & white originals, I found them to be much more impressive. Likewise, discovering stories like this one that were done for black & white publication, I was really impressed. Morrow definitely drew the heck out of “Bewitched,” crafting artwork that was genuinely disconcerting, especially the dream segment.

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