RICH REVIEWS: Destiny Aurora

Title: Destiny Aurora (GN)
Publisher: Destiny Horizons
Written & Created by: Frank J. Zanca
Penciler: Joseph Sanchez
Inkers: Joseph Sanchez, Reinaldo Rosa
Colorist: Walter Pereya, Thiago Kufa
Letters: Anaid Melendez, Paulo Teles Yonami
Cover Art by: Andre Siregar & Admira Wijaya
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Airman Flibby Yaas is a police officer and pilot of the Destiny Aurora. The ship’s crew is made up of Sergeant Rovanna Zoor the Weapons Officer, X-473 a robot Communications Officer and Medic, Rolf the Engineer, and L.T. Inspector Jayce Carver why does he have two names?
Carver has a personal vendetta. This does bring them all into danger. A firefight with three ships in space leads to even more deadly danger. The crew ends up in a Dregg bar and one thing leads to another and we see this crew does fight well together. The illustrations show off their fighting ability well and Flibby the cat-like girl is both gorgeous and fierce-looking.
Carver continues on his mission of revenge. He is out to kill Kunlore Thorne. Jayce and Ro do have a tight relationship. Ro would die for him.
This story does take one interesting twist. It is completely unexpected. As things progress all you can feel is sorrow for Jayce Carver.
Jayce when he takes command of his ship and crew for real he is one hell of a commander. This is how a commander should act.
All the characters are so wonderfully brought to life here. Flibby is a cute pilot who you will love, Rolf is a rough around the edges, engineer, X is not a robot, Ro is a loyal friend and Jayce is the commander of this crew. Jayce now he is a guy most of us can identify with. Deep down he is just an ordinary guy who loved his wife.
This outer space adventure will have you caught up in the drama and intrigue.

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