The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 66: Vampirella #36

The Daily Comic Book Coffee, number 66: “Good to the Last Drop” was drawn by Ramón Torrents and written by Martin Pasko. It appeared in Vampirella #36, released by Warren Publishing in September 1974.

Christina Kavanaugh, heiress to the Miller Foods fortune, has been having an affair with Bill Wright, VP of Product Improvement. Unfortunately her husband Jim, current President of Miller Foods, has just found out. As we see, Jim reacts badly to the news, brutally slapping Christina while she is having her morning coffee. Jim slaps his wife so hard that she hits her head against the grandfather clock, causing her death. This leads the grieving, still-jealous Jim to embark on a very twisted plot to gain revenge on Bill Wright, a scheme that centers on Miller Foods’ production of freeze dried coffee. Fortunately by the end of this grim little tale karma has boomeranged back on Jim, leading him to a fitting end.

“Good to the Last Drop” appears to have afforded Martin Pasko an opportunity to let his very skewed, offbeat sense of humor go extremely wild. The story is effectively illustrated by Ramón Torrents, a Spanish artist who had previously worked for British publishers Fleetway and D.C. Thompson on several romance titles in the 1960s, followed by short horror stories for American publisher Skywald in the early 1970s. Torrents drew a number of stories for Warren that saw print in Vampirella, Creepy and Eerie and between 1973 and 1979. Reportedly he left the comic book field at the end of that decade.


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