Heroes Manufactured Live Presents Comics Vault

Heroes Manufactured Live TV is a streaming Web Series from Yaron Betan, producer of the award-winning 2017 documentary, Heroes Manufactured. This new web show is recorded live weekly with guest creators and artists from across the globe and can be found HERE on YouTube. In addition, Yaron is producing a sequel to the documentary called Heroes Manufactured Creators Unleashed which will be stream on Amazon Prime shortly.

Heroes Manufactured Creators Unleashed

Heroes Manufactured Live has recently added a wonderful new Host who will be reviewing comics and storylines from some of the bigger and more indie publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image, IDW and more.

Jowy Pangilinan will be hosting the new Comics Vault Segment. Jowy is the former founder of Comics Ink Podcast, a show that was dedicated to discussions on the latest in pop culture, comics and movies. To further highlight Jowy’s “street cred”, she has also worked at Gotham Central, a local comic shop that has won the 2018 Shuster Awards Harry Kremer Award for best comic book retailer in Canada. Jowy has also worked at Chapterhouse Publishing, home of Captain Canuck, as their publishing administrator.

Jowy Pangilinan
Jowy Pangilinan

For more details head to the official Heroes Manufactured website https://www.heroesmanufactured.com and tune in today!

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