The Boys Omnibuses Help Generate $1,328,579.64 In Revenue at Retail – In Less Than Four Weeks!

July 20, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite is proud to announce the continuing smashing success of The Boys in its new deluxe reprint line of oversized omnibuses. To date across nearly four weeks, standard and signed copies of the three volumes have amounted to $1,328,579.64 in revenue across the industry in multiple channels. This is in addition to the revenue retailers generated for the in stock best-selling regular paperback omnibus sales and the original hardcover collections.

Designed for the 15th anniversary of the series, released specifically during the epic third season on Amazon’s Prime Video, the new omnibus format had been anticipated for a while. Now with all three volumes in the hands of fans of The Boys, everyone is enjoying revisiting or experiencing for the first time the incredible saga by Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, and so many more talented creators.

The omnibuses have been a rousing success with retailers in the direct market, making them money in a short span of time while the show was at its peak of attention going viral on social media for thrilling moments like the adaptation of the controversial “Herogasm” story and the debut of Soldier-Boy played by fan-favorite actor Jensen Ackles.

Dynamite also offered the volumes on Kickstarter, following their availability to preorder through retailers rather than before. This avenue was used for one to offset the cost of printing domestically, which expedited the release dates for retailers and fans alike. It also captures new audiences and customers that are not actively plugged in or aware of the ongoing comics market or may even not purchase from avenues like Amazon. Ultimately these new fans brought in will grow the market and Dynamite will be promoting to them about further projects. Combining the sales to the comics and book market, and the crowdfunding pledges, The Boys omnibus hardcovers have generated approximately $1,440,000 at at retail, and with the continued sales on the third volume, will break $1.5 million.

“We wanted to bring these deluxe editions out for the 15th Anniversary, and solicited them earlier in the year shooting for releasing during Season 3,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “When orders came in, they were solid, but we decided to roll the dice, and overprint considerably as we had faith in the comics, and in the TV series. We overprinted each volume by more than four times the initial orders, and ensured that they were in stores during the third season, and it is extremely rewarding to see retailers do so well with the books as fans are helping sell through, and having sold out of volume 1 and nearly sold out of volume 2, with some of volume 3 still in stock at Diamond Comic Distributors. But printing in North America was considerably more expensive, and we were fortunate that in creating a crowdfunding campaign to help offset the additional costs also helped grow the comics market, as it brought in new fans who had never purchased through our Kickstarters in the past. And this was in addition to the money retailers generated in the industry. While we would have generated more money if we did the crowdfunding campaign first, it was important to us for retailers to have pre-sales first, and we then were able to help offset the printing costs and grow the market. I thank the retailers and fans for supporting our releases.”

The first volume is sold out and back to press, to hit shelves again as soon as possible. Volume two is nearing selling out, and the third is similarly selling quickly as fans aim to complete their sets of these beautiful tomes.

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