THE BOOK CAVE: Three On A Match By Jeff Deischer

Three On A Match
By Jeff Deischer

Jeff Deischer has done it again. He has conquered another genre or should I say two genres in one? Westerns and SF rolled into one very entertaining book. This combination of genres I haven’t seen to often, but I’d love to see more. Before I go any further I need to get this out of my system, “Cowbooooooys in Spaaaaace!” There, I feel much better with that said.
​In the last several years I’ve read most of what he has published and some he hasn’t. With that said, I can only add that Jeff is one of the most created people I have the pleasure of knowing.
​His latest book, Three On A Match could easily be an enjoyable movie. What do you get when you have a prospector, a gambler and a bank robber? The answer is a story that must be told. The story has an western setting that easily could be that only, but not this story. While it could be a western with the characters from a “Spaghetti Western,” it is from the future set on Mars.

​Each of the three main characters are not what you would think of as heroes. As I am sitting here and remembering the book, the three characters feel like they should be a part of a joke. “A gambler, a prospector and a robber meet at an old fort…” None of the three can be seen in any light as heroes. In fact you wonder when they will turn on each other and the characters wonder about this themselves.

​As mentioned before, the setting is Mars in the future, but you keep thinking it is a desert on Earth in southwest America. Camels and stun guns instead of horses and six-guns.
​The goal of the three men? Treasure, enough for them to live comfortable. How long will this last if they find it? Who knows if they will survive either their opponents or each other? Join the three as they go on a treasure that they are not for sure even exists or if they can find it.

​I was very entertained by the book and as always, I look forward to his next. Check out Jeff Deischer’s website and his Amazon Page for more great reads.

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