THE BOOK CAVE: The Shadowed Circle #2

The Shadowed Circle #2

​I just finished reading The Shadowed Circle #2 and enjoyed all of it from cover to cover. I found it very educational on the history of the background of the character.
​The Shadow’s New York, text by Steve Donoso and photographs by Berenice Abbott was fantastic and it made it easier to picture The Shadow and other Pulp heroes fighting crime there.
​The articles by Will Murray, Tim King, Julian Puga, Todd Severin and Keith Holt gave me more than my money’s worth in the information they gave. Some of the information, I already knew, but I discovered plenty that I never knew before. I’m looking forward to read #3 and beyond.
​To subscribe to new issues and find back issues, like I did, is the place to find more information on the Pulp Hero, The Shadow!

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