Silverline Comics announces their first Kickstarter campaign of the new year: Divinity #1-3 and Trumps #1-4.

“I’ve been so ready to get the next installment of Divinity out,” says Barb Kaalberg, creator of Divinity, and CFO at Silverline Comics, “it seems like such a long time between the issues it makes me anxious to get it out.”

The award-winning Divinity is paired with Trumps as part of the double feature Kickstarter.

“I’m both excited and sad to get the final issue of Trumps funded and into the hands of backers and readers,” says Roland Mann, writer of Trumps, and Silverline Head Honcho. “It’s been a fun story to write and a fun project to work on and I’ve loved hearing from folks after they’ve read it that it wasn’t exactly what they were expecting, but in a good way. But it’s also sad to see it come to an end.”

Divinity is the story of a young girl (Divinity) who discovers she has the ability to heal…and everyone wants to get their hands on her and her power. She goes on the run with her estranged brother Zach and his marine pal Olivia in an attempt to stay one step ahead of those who would do her harm. Divinity #3 is the third of four issue mini-series, 22 pages of superhero/action in full color.

Trumps is the story of four kingdoms at war in an effort to decide on a single kingdom of power. The winning kingdom is declared Trumps. Trumps #4 is the final issue of a four-issue mini-series, 22 pages of sci-fi/superhero action in full color.

The Kickstarter features limited edition foil covers for both Divinity #3 and Trumps #4, only available to backers of the Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter is live and runs through January 22nd.

Divinity #3 has coveres by Dean Zachary, Thomas Florimonte, and Barb Kaalberg.

Trumps #4 has covers by Peter Clinton, Thomas Florimonte, and Mickey Clausen.

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