THE BOOK CAVE: The Condemnation of Crow By Joel Jenkins

            Do you like Westerns? How about one with an unusual character as the hero? Plus with supernatural settings and antagonists? If your answer is yes to these questions, then this book is for you. Lone Crow is the last of his tribe and was raised by a white stepfather. He was taught to speak and write in English, plus some French and Latin.

            The book is an anthology of Lone Crow stories with the last story bearing the title of the book. Crow meets with several names from history, some are fictional characters and others are real with quite a bit of fiction written about them.

            While Crow is considered a “savage” by most of the characters in the stories, he acts more civilized than they do, plus more educated.

            Something I have noticed is that in many stories I have read, Crow would have been treated like a sidekick to a white hero. Here, Crow may have partnered up with white characters, but it is easily seen that he is their equal and sometimes their leader.

            The stories of Crow are from different periods of his life, from a young man to an older man that has seen some of the worst of life and humanity, and even a story that has him just mentioned and also written by someone else (Josh Reynolds who has written many books for the Warhammer franchise) besides Joel Jenkins.

            Like any other book written by Joel Jenkins, this will keep your interest from start to end. Plus just to add a bit extra, he has included eight very interesting characters you will easily know.

            Even though this is the second book in the Lone Crow series, you won’t feel lost if you haven’t read the first. Though, it wouldn’t surprise me if after reading this book you look for the first so that you can read more of Crow.

            Just a quick note. You will see Sherlock Holmes as one of the many characters Crow meets. Dr. Watson is the real hero in the story between him and Holmes. Before you think I’m not a Holmes fan, I am a major fan. I like it when Watson is shown to be intelligent.

            Check out Joel Jenkins website,, for more great reads.

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