THE BOOK CAVE: Sherlock Holmes & The Green Lama

Sherlock Holmes & The Green Lama by Adam Lance Garcia

I just finished reading Adam Lance Garcis’ Sherlock Holmes & The Green Lama: The Heir Apparent. Garcia was able to combine two of my favorite reads, Sherlock Holmes and Pulp. I’ve been a Sherlock Holmes fan all my life. I’ve read all the Conan Doyle Holmes several times and I’ve read several by other authors, from the very good to the terrible. Adam Lance Garcia’s adaption is one of the best. Very few people can capture Sherlock Holmes in his 80s like Garcia. I know several men and women in their 80s and one man almost 100, who are still very active. Garcia was able to show that Holmes still had all his strengths and weaknesses and was very recognizable as Sherlock Holmes in his 80s.

The Green Lama story starts off with a new Green Lama fighting crime (I’ll have to find some of the other stories to find out when this person started), only to feel unsatisfied. The Green Lama returns home to have the former Green Lama’s mentor give them one of the original case histories of when he first started and was able to meet up and learn from the best.

Even Sherlock Holmes’ older and smarter brother, Mycroft, is still around to pull a few strings when needed. The only one missing is Dr. Watson, who has departed along with his wife. The Green Lama makes up for this in his own way.

The teaming of Holmes and the Green Lama makes a very interesting story as we find out more about the Green Lama’s past and his first beginnings in fighting crime in the outside world. Expect a few surprises, as a mysterious woman appears.

I enjoyed the book greatly and look forward to reading more of Garcia’s Green Lama adventures I haven’t read yet. Plus, I want to read more of what Garcia can do with either a younger or older Sherlock Holmes.

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