THE BOOK CAVE: Shadowed Circle #1

Shadowed Circle #1
Editor & Publisher
Steve Donoso

​I finished reading this excellent fanzine last night. I knew when I first saw the cover that I would enjoy reading all the articles.
​Craig McDonald gave great insight to the Shadow’s best villains. I now have a greater insight to the characters when I read them again
​Joseph Gibson peaked my interest in looking for “The Shadow Short Films.” I only knew about the 1994 movie, that my wife and I watched when it came out in the theater and I seen pieces of the earlier movies. Now, I want to see ALL.
​Steve Donoso did a great job with his chat with James Patterson. I’ve read a couple of his books, my wife has read several.
​I liked Henry Lopez’s review of James Patterson Shadow. I agree with him, this is not The Shadow I grew up reading. I realize that there are several versions of The Shadow and this is a completely different one.
​There is the Radio (of which the book was slightly based off), I’ve listen to several episodes. The Pulps, I’ve read several over the years. I recently started a read of the issues from the start to the end. The Belmont paperbacks of which I own and read all. The 1960s Archie Comics series, I own and read all. It took a bit for my eyes to recover from all the rolling they did while reading. The 1970s DC Comics series, I own and recently read them again. They are my favorite comic book version. I loved his crossover issues with Batman in the 1970s. Later comics with The Shadow are hit and miss with me. As several other reviewers are fond of saying “your mileage may vary.”
​The issue only had 50 pages and the few I mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg that is The Shadowed Circle. Right now, they are up to issue #3. I’m looking forward to reading #2 and #3 very soon. I bought my copy of #1 off of Amazon. Their email address is If you are a Shadow fan like me, you will love this information packed issue.

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