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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Avengers # 58
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 5
Dark Crisis: Young Justice # 2
Do A Powerbomb! # 2
The Flash # 784
Ice Cream Man # 31
Jurassic League # 3 (8/10)
Maestro: World War M # 5
New Fantastic Four # 2
The Rocketeer: The Great Race # 4
She-Hulk # 5
The Silver Coin # 12

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 5– The first arc of this series, which features Batman and Superman, along with the Doom Patrol, duking it out with the devil known as Nezha comes to a head. The story really feels like it’s straight out of The Silver Age and with Mark Waid’s amazing writing as well as the respect he has for that era, it’s an absolute thrill. Mostly all the cliches from an action movie are featured within this story but Waid works his magic touch to make it feel exciting but also touches on a number of plot elements in order to give the readers some closure and I should also add that Dan Mora is a true superstar with his artwork. The ending (**NO SPOILERS**) makes way for a new arc to begin and another reminder of how Batman and Superman truly are the World’s Finest.

Do A Powerbomb! # 2– Daniel Warren Johnson (“Murder Falcon”) continues his wonderful yet creative look at the world of Professional Wrestling that feels like a mid-1980s movie complete with all the bells and whistles that give it such charm; As we last left Lona Steelrose, she met up with a necromancer who loves pro-wrestling with all of his heart and offered her a chance to enter a tournament and whoever wins the match will get the opportunity to bring back someone they love back from the dead. Johnson’s tale delivers a boastful element to it as it highlights why most factors of pro wrestling are fun to watch while getting investing in the storylines that occur in the ring, And many jaws will be dropped to the ground when you get to the stunning revelation of the identity of Cobrasun (**NO SPOILERS**); Do A Powerbomb! is still a rambunctious joyride
that is an absolute hit for anyone who isn’t a pro wrestling fan but enjoys a comic with a magnificent storyline and it doesn’t hurt that this series brings with it such fond memories of WWE back in the 1980s to the mid-1990s. Still better than the modern-day WWE or AEW.

Ice Cream Man # 31– Ice Cream Man always goes for the shock and awe mixed in with such well-thought-out horror that always makes this series a winner. This time around we get a rare story
that centers on a touching subject- The Sentimental Factor! We meet a woman named Blossom (I’m not talking about the Mayim Bialik sitcom from the 90s, and yes this highlights how old I am) as we get to witness her life from an infant to adulthood but at the same time, we also get to see her father grow old. This issue reminds me so much of “Miguel”, the season six episode of “This Is Us” where Jon Huertas’ character, Miguel Rivas (The guy who married his best friend’s wife years after he died) see his life unfold with each decade and we get to see him grow old with his wife, Rebecca (An excellent episode I might add); This issue really switched gears with perfection as we see both sides of father and daughter’s life with each year passing and I have to add that the ending (**NO SPOILERS**) is quite heartbreaking. This is a first for me but this issue of “Ice Cream Man” can take a great slice of life story and make it so wonderful. The only advice I have to offer is this- Never, EVER read this issue while listening to “And So It Goes” by Billy Joel! The tears will not stop.

The Silver Coin # 12– Series co-creator/Artist Michael Walsh is joined by Stephanie Phillips (of “Harley Quinn” and “Nuclear Family” fame) for a chilling war story that involves, yep you guessed it- The coin itself! The story takes place in 1945, months before World War II comes to an end, and sees a small unit of American soldiers holding their own against some german troops in the Italian Alps. The coin comes into play as the soldiers find a way to survive the night and whenever someone comes into contact with it, it always ends badly. Phillips’ story is well-written and gives the readers gruesome yet tragic details about being a soldier during WWII, only thing is things tend to veer off towards the end as one particular factor gets overused, while I am not putting the blame on Phillps herself, it just feels like the story was rushed but it still played out well at the beginning so that’s a plus. Another solid issue but the ending could have been better, Otherwise, this is still a solid title that continues to amaze.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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