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Pep Comics #3

Classic Comics Library

​I just finished reading the Golden Age Comics reprint of Pep Comics #3. A very nice reprint of the formerly named MLJ Comics, now called Archie Comics. Pep Comics has the hero called The Shield, who was before Captain America. Shield was done by Irving Novick, a hero dressed in red, white and blue. Captain America’s original shield, looked similar to the MLJ’s front of his costume. The Shield was Joe Higgins, who answers to the Chief of the FBI. Very grim compared to the 1960s campy Mighty Crusaders.
​The next story is John Dickering, The Comet, a very violent character. Most of his opponents don’t survive a meeting with him. I’m surprise that everyone knows that John Dickering is The Comet. With identity known, it is easy for his foes to sneak up on him and chloroform him so that they could take him to their leader. The Comet’s deadly eyes are only vulnerable to glass. The leader has him trapped in a glass tube. After three days of sleepless mental torture, The Comet is hypnotized to do what the leader wants. The Comet robes a factory safe and kills the guard. After that he kills several policemen. Banks, Museums, stores, factories and many other concerns are robbed by the hypnotized Comet. The Comet brings all his ill-gotten loot back to his leader. The leader and his hypnotist have a falling out and the leader decides to cheat him out of his part of the loot. Angry, the Hypnotist decides to order the Comet to kill the leader. The leader is killed and by accident, so is the Hypnotist, which breaks the spell over The Comet. The Comet discovers his crimes and vows to clear his name in the future issue of Pep Comics.
​The Press Guardian, Perry Chase is a hero I’ve heard of, but have never read before, by Mort Meskin. The Banker’s daughter is kidnapped and the Press Guardian goes to rescue her. He is captured and thrown in with the Banker’s daughter. Before the kidnapper could us a whip on the Press Guardian, P.G. is able to knock the kidnapper out and change clothes with him. The Banker’s daughter has seen his face and knows who he is. I’m curious to see what happens in the next issue.
​ Fu Chang, International Detective by Lin Streeter. A character I never heard of before. I know nothing about the character. I’m interested in seeing and learning more.
​Sergeant Boyle by Biro and Sundell is a n American college student who joined the British Army to find excitement because of his lightning-like, single-handed victory over the German General Staff, he has earned their undying hatred!
​The Border Patrol by Eugene Cunningham is a short Western Text story of one page.
​The Midshipman by Bob Wood and Ed Ashe is Lee Sampson, Midshipman at the Naval Academy of the U.S. At Annapolis, typifies the Nation’s ideal of courage and Americanism.
​The Rocket and The Queen of Diamonds by Manly Wade Wellman and Lin Streeter. When a huge Rocket-Ship crashed within the impassible barriers of the Diamond Empire, its pilot, with his unequaled strength and couage, becomes the friend of the Empire’s lovely ruler—The Queen of Diamonds—he is known as—THE ROCKET. I know nothing of the character, but I am curious to see more.
​Kayo Ward by Phil Sturm and Bob Wood is your typical boxer hero who gets into fights and adventures. I think I’ve only seen the name before, have never read any of his stories.
​Bentley of Scotland Yard by Manly Wade Wellman and Sam Cooper is a nice mystery series, like several other stories here, I’ve never read before. Manly Wade Wellman is a famous Pulp and science fiction book writer.
​I enjoy the Golden Age Comics and read all I can find. I was very fortunate to have several Golden Age Reprints given to me. Several Public Domain Golden Age Comics are available to read online and several have been reprinted. Pep Comics #3 was reprinted by Classic Comics Library.
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