THE BOOK CAVE: Mari Solinski and The Wonder Kitty #4

Mari Solinski and The Wonder Kitty #4

Written by
J.L. Barerra and J.E. Carrales III
Art by
J.E. Carrales III

​I just got the latest issue of Mari Solinski and The Wonder Kitty #4 The Heist Part 1. This is not your average super-hero comic book, even though the major characters have superpowers, they don't wear super suits or fight criminals. On the top of the cover you are asked: “Can Two Mail Room Heroes Save The Day?” Both girls are hoping to write articles for their newspaper. Her co-workers, along with everyone else don't think they should be reporters.
​Mari Solinski, the leader of the two girls, is hoping to become a star reporter. Zandra Niko, the very talkative of the two is more of the meek member. You can easily forget just how powerful they can be. Mari seems to always be developing a new superpower, while Niko, The Wonder Kitty can transform into anything feline wearing glasses.
​Check out issue #1 for their origin. Not your usual kind of origin getting superpowers from Aliens. Due to their getting superpowers, they are “drafted” into the military, given the rank of Captain. If it weren't for getting superpowers from an Alien, they wouldn't have gotten anywhere in life.
​A very nice, good-hearted issue, with no real violence, and no foul language or nudity. A comic book that anyone can read without feeling that your kids or any family member might be bothered by it. It's a bit slow, but as you read the series you can see the many characters slowly develop over the series. I, for one, am interested in seeing how it changes over time.
​Contact C.S. Productions for anny information.

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