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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 10
Black Panther # 12
The Flash # 789
Junkyard Joe # 3
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 103
Stargirl: The Lost Children # 2
Vanish # 4

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 10– This issue delivers the dark secret behind Boy Thunder and this is a plot twist that no one saw coming (**NO SPOILERS**); Most of the issue sees Superman, Batman, and The Teen Titans race against the clock to find Boy Thunder after he’s been held captive by The Joker and The Key that really helps elevate the drama but it’s Dan Mora’s visuals that really steal the show as he brings such vivid yet wonderful images that not sees the heroes at their best but blows everyone’s minds in the process. Yes, the revelation of Boy Thunder is quite a shock, and fans of Mark Waid’s DC stories will get a kick out of it as this series continues to be a great Batman/Superman book that delivers on the action and respect for the continuity that paved the way for this series.

The Flash # 789– Jeremy Adams and Fernando Pasarin wrap up their two-parter before they head into the next big arc and this issue really is a spectacular read. The Flash reunites with The Pied Piper to stop the mayor of Keystone City who mobilizes The Rogues to enforce his way of Law & Order. It’s always fun to see Flash take on The Rogues since they’ve been such a huge staple of the Scarlet Speedster’s history, not to mention that they’re some of the most memorable villains in comic book history (My apologies to the Batman/Superman/Spider-Man villains); Seeing Linda Park-West along Irey and Jai come to Wally’s rescue was a great “OMG” moment that I enjoy and the fact that Adams has not left them in the background but making them the best supporting cast ever. Jeremy Adams has consistently given us some of the best Wally West stories that are filled with exhilaration and this issue is proof that he should continue writing the Flash until he runs out of ideas.

Junkyard Joe # 3– I’m not sure where Geoff Johns is going with this opening arc, but this issue is quite the slow burner because it continues to see Joe assimilate himself into Muddy Davis’ life to where it feels like something out of an 80s sitcom (It’s just funny how Muddy has Joe working like a robotic Mr. Belvedare); The issue then shifts the focus to a girl name Emily Munn who’s family is having a hard time adjusting to life in Indiana after the death of their mother but I feel like Johns is setting up Emily and her family to meet Muddy and Joe (It’s “ALF” meets “Harry and The Hendersons” to be quite honest); Yeah it looks like Johns is giving us this aspect of the series until he unveils the huge payoff that will tie everything together but for now, we’ll. just sit back and wait for the family next door to meet their robot friend- All that’s missing is a catchy theme song and Jaleel White in a supporting role.

Stargirl: The Lost Children # 2– Geoff Johns and Todd Nauck continue their nostalgia trip as Stargirl and Red Arrow arrive on a mysterious island in search of the missing sidekicks, but it’s not exactly smooth sailing as their boat explodes (I’m kind of holding back on making a “Gilligan’s Island” reference); Right away they get ambushed by a group of robots while getting a quick glimpse of The Childminer (Cool name for a villain); Johns does an amazing job of giving Red Arrow some perfect character development that doesn’t see her as a sidekick for Stargirl and Todd Nauck’s art is once again MAGNIFICENT! he really adds many details that fans will be in complete awe and his style will always be everlasting which is a great thing. I mean, you’ll be blown away at Nauck’s rendition of the original Red Arrow’s Arrow Cave (the two-page spread will make any JSA fanboy drool with enthusiasm); With the mystery of the lost sidekicks continuing to grow and the chemistry between Stargirl and Red Arrow is the heart of this series, fans of the television show should jump on this series if they want to see a true Stargirll story, only this one has a fun presence with such respect for the heroes of yesteryear.

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