The Best Slot Machines Based on Comics

Many great online slot machines are based on comics. If you’re a lover of both, you can check out this guide to read more about the very best comic slot machines on the market at the moment.

The world is in a comic frenzy. Comics are everywhere ー in movies, television, games, and of course in slot machines. The time when you could only enter the comic universe in actual comic books is over. Now you can join your favorite superheroes and villains on more or less every type of media. If you’re a lover of online casino games, you might have realized how many great online casino games are based on comics. Here we’re highlighting some of the best slot machines based on comics.

If you want to try some of the popular slot machines, you should check out the selection of the different online casino sites to find the best match for you. You can compare and select casinos at It’s always a good idea to also read a bunch of reviews to get some insight into other players’ experiences with the casinos. Read more about some of the best comic slot machines to find your favorite.

Attack of the Green Goblin

If you’re a Spiderman fan, you will like the Attack of the Green Goblin. This slot machine is based on the book of the same name. It has many great and fun features based on the Spiderman Universe. It also has a beautiful comic background and great graphics that’ll grab your attention. If you get to the Ultimate Fight feature, there’s a bonus if you win the fight. Go up against one of Spiderman’s most notorious enemies and defeat him. If you do, you will not only win glory but maybe also a bit of money.


Justice League

In the 1960s, the original Justice League was released. It became a series and a popular movie series and game many years later. One of the games is the slot machine where you can meet The Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and many others. This slot game has a long list of fun features, 40 pay lines, and five reels.



The Dark Knight Rises

Batman is one of the most loved superheroes of all time. The Dark Knight Rises is iconic and hard not to love. So is this slot machine based on the book. As Bruce Wayne, you of course run into the Joker as you try to get the three matching symbols. The game is developed by Microgaming, so you can expect great graphics and high-quality features.




If you’re a fan of the X-Men universe, this is the slot machine for you. Here you’ll meet all the main characters such as Professor Xavier, Wolverine, Storm, Magneto, and many others. This slot machine is from Cryptologic, so the standard of features and graphics are super high. You can choose any character to fight and you’ll get all kinds of different rewards when you get three or more of the same kind. This slot machine is a must for any online casino lover and X-Men fan.

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