The Battle of the Century Begins in HULKVERINES!

The clash that everyone has been waiting for has arrived!


New York, NY—November 14, 2018—What is more dangerous than a creation made of a combination of Adamantium claws and gamma blood? The predecessors of Weapon H – Wolverine and the Hulk!


This February, Marvel’s two fiercest heroes are teaming up in a three-issue miniseries that will see them coming after the dangerous creation made in their name. Writer Greg Pak — a man who knows all three characters quite well — is teaming up with Weapon H artists Ario Anindito (for #1 and #3) and Guiu Villanova (for #2) to bring you HULKVERINES!


It’s an action-packed adventure that you won’t want to miss, and it’s coming to Marvel this February!




Written by GREG PAK


Cover by GREG LAND

On Sale 2/20/19

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