The 5 Best Anime Dating Sites In 2022

Today anime is one of the most-watched movies, and it has millions of fans around the world who would love to connect, discuss their favorite anime shows, review and, for even singles, start up a relationship.

There is nothing more extraordinary than dating someone who shares your movie interests. Imagine how cool that would be. It shows just how uncommon you guys have and might help create a long-lasting relationship.

Thankfully there are sites and apps out there that have made this possible by creating a platform for anime lovers worldwide to connect and share thoughts and more. There are even particular sites for anime lovers to date and start up a healthy relationship. And to make this way more accessible for you, I’ve come up with 5 of the best dating sites for anime fans.

Anime and cosplay dating is one of the things to be looking out for in 2022, especially if you are a massive fan of anime because the love for anime has grown over the years, and anime has now gathered a broad fan base. You might just be looking for a fellow anime fan to date, making dating apps for anime lovers more popular and the ideal place to find your perfect match.



This is an online dating app that helps you find the perfect match for your dating life. DoULike is probably the best place to find a love interest that shares a lot in common with you, like watching anime or one of your favorite hobbies. 

This site allows you to like, flirt, and chat with other users you feel might be interested in hanging out and possibly starting a relationship. Through your complete profile setup, other users can see your type of person and the things t

You are interested in it and can start chatting with you. You would also be able to see locals of similar interest and decide to start relating with them.

This is a good dating site where anime lovers meet and interact with the hope of something more.


2. Date-n-Play

This is one of the biggest sites for gaming, cosplay, anime, and Manga communities. Thanks to the widespread use of games today and the increasing love for anime, there has been the demand for a platform to serve as an interaction safe space where gamers, movie lovers, and geeks alike can link up, discuss their interests and build up a deeper relationship. Now all this is possible on one platform, Date-n-play.

Date-n-Play has made it possible for you to enjoy your anime with someone special who understands you and anime well so you can cuddle through heated scenes and talk all day long about what you wanted most.

Searching for an anime partner has never been easier. Date-n-play has special site features that help you find a perfect plus one. Signing up for this site is easy, and fun and you are given a chance to express your other interests apart from anime which helps them bring up more suggestions for you and help you connect with others who might also share your interests. Their site has an interactive interface with gaming and anime references and background characters to keep you in the anime spirit even while looking for your date. Anime has a unique, beautiful universe where you can share 



This is one of the most relatable cosplay dating sites. This site serves the needs of single anime lovers looking for meaningful relationships. It was launched in 2009 as a hybrid platform of anime social networks and dating platforms to breach the gap between love for anime and dating.

MaiOtaku is a global dating platform for anime lovers with over 20,000+ registered users. It is a hobby and special interest dating site that provides a platform for all ages, gender, and sexuality to socialize, communicate freely, and startup relationships. This site helps us embrace the geeky, nerdy, and fun side of us, giving us a platform where you can freely express your love for anime and find people alike that also share in your interest. MaiOtaku is a unique, beautiful universe where you can share your passion and curiosity with someone just as passionate about anime as you are.

Signing up for this platform is entirely free. You are also to update your favorite anime shows, join conversations on them and track your favorite cosplay character’s progress. The system algorithm helps promote your profile to users with similar interests and suggests possible dates.

4. Anime Dating Sites

This platform believes that dating sites should not just be about being single but more narrowed down to things of interest, sexuality, and lifestyle in general. This is why AnimeDatingSite has closed that gap and made it easier for singles looking for a relationship or a partner that shares their interest and ideas to find an ideal match by creating a site for anime lovers worldwide.

The anime world is as big as its fan base, which means that millions of singles are out there looking for an anime partner that would love and date them. AnimeDatingSite serves as a dating platform and a place for anime lovers to start up a community of friends and companions who share a common interest and love for anime.

This is a dating site for anime fans. Suppose you know your Akira from your Appleseed. In that case, you are on the right track and should immediately sign up for this site and get ready for a fun ride of adventure and cosplay dress up even as you embark on the journey of finding friendship and a companion.



Holding it down as one of the most popular dating sites, eHarmony stands out in the field of online dating thanks to its unique features, which help filter members according to their interests and keep them in line with their hobbies and lifestyle. One of the most popular is ‘Anime.’

eHarmony focuses on helping its users create a long-term relationship by providing daily matches from pre-filled questionnaires that highlight your best features and interests, making it easier to find a date. This algorithm has helped millions of users find their plus one and sometimes even marriage. This makes eHarmony stand out as it filters for all types of interests like games, anime, and other types of interest.

In Conclusion, being an anime lover is one of the best things globally, and there is a wholly unique feel to it. And finding a lover who understands you and your in-depth love for anime and cosplay dress is even better. I have made it easier for you to find your perfect plus one by providing sites that you should check out and get ready to embark on the beautiful journey of love.

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