The 10 Best Phoenix Comics from Marvel

The Phoenix saga is arguably one of the greatest comic book stories of all time. The saga is essentially divided into two sections. The first one, known as the Phoenix saga, dwells on how the superhero Jean Grey encounters the Phoenix force. The second part, the Dark Phoenix Saga, focuses on where the Phoenix force consumes Jean Grey and consequently becomes destructive leading to Jean’s downfall. 

The Phoenix is for sure one of the best cosmic entities under Marvel comics. We have rounded up some of the best Phoenix comics from one of the best stories ever told:

The Dark Phoenix Saga

We cannot talk about the Phoenix without talking about the Dark Phoenix Saga. This masterpiece by Chris Claremont and John Bryne is a classic for many comic book lovers. The saga revolves around Jean Grey’s transformation into the Dark Phoenix. The Dark Phoenix is a consuming entity with powers close to that of a god. Chris Claremont and John Bryne reveal themselves as true artists worth their salt with this work of art. The story is well told. The X-Men are incredibly well-written. They all have pretty convincing emotional complexities. They are torn between the need to protect Jean Grey and the grim realization that she could destroy the whole universe with the power of the Phoenix. The dialogue in the book does an excellent job of conveying the feelings of all the characters. The artwork is impeccable! This comic book is an incredible read for any comic book lover.


Avengers vs. X-Men

Avengers vs. X-men is an entertaining look at the place the X-men fill in Marvel’s publishing line. The comic book is an exciting cross-over between two of the most iconic franchises in Marvel. It follows the somewhat standard setup of heroes facing it off with other heroes. But that is not what it is all about. The storyline has its fair share of exciting and interesting ideas. Avengers vs. X-men is incredibly coherent, especially for a twelve-issue series. Quite interesting coming from five of Marvel’s best writers and three of Marvel’s most reputable artists. For anyone that is part of the fandom that enjoys seeing which hero is stronger, this is a book they should get on to for some entertainment.

Phoenix vs. Galactus

This story tries to answer the age-old question, ‘who is stronger between Phoenix and Galactus?’ Two of the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe are thrown head-to-head with each other. The Devourer of Worlds and The Guardian of Creation battle it out.

Thanos vs. Thane

Here, Thane, who possesses the power of the Phoenix, uses the potential to wreak havoc across the universe. He uses the energy to inflict catastrophes and damages to please Death. Thane’s original team consisting of Nebula, Starfox, and Tryco Slatterus are left to rely on Thanos to be the hero. This incredible cosmic adventure by Jeff Lemire sees Thanos duking it out with his son, Thane. All the while, Death watches gleefully as the planet Thane and Thanos are battling it out on, blows out. This book has some exciting action worth checking out. An even better way of enjoying the action is playing a Phoenix Game where you can immerse yourself in the realm of mysticism and magic and also enjoy the visual battle between the dragon and the Phoenix. 

Uncanny X-men

Chris Claremont shaped the franchise into one of the most successful comic book franchises. It had almost become Stan Lee’s forgotten stepchild but Claremont brought it back to life. Claremont’s success with this comic work can be attributed to several factors ranging from the broader aspects to the fine little details. In this book, the characters are more than just the usual stereotypes. Claremont writes the characters in a precise manner. He imbues all the cast members with an enormous deal of personality, more than they are in other comic books. The comic book pages are filled with dialogues and internal and external monologues. Claremont’s style with this book is nothing short of beautiful artwork. We can see some of this when Jean Grey introduces herself with the declaration, “Hear me, X-Men! No longer am I the women you knew! I am fire! And life incarnate! Now and forever — I am Phoenix!” You can only marvel at the piece of art this piece is. All the members of the team are carefully guided into their niche. The Uncanny X-men is a refreshing read.


Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey

Matthew Rosenberg does well for Jean Grey, the star of this mini-series. He shows care for Jean Grey by establishing her character in the book. He portrays Jean Grey as a fascinating character who knows that she cannot return as if nothing happened. In the course of Phoenix Resurrection, Rosenberg does a great job of closing a chapter of Jean’s life.  

Phoenix Endsong

In Phoenix Endsong, the X-men are battling with…you guessed it. The Phoenix! See, it is all in its name. The Phoenix always comes back, it is what Phoenixes do. After Shi’ar’s ship weakens and attacks the growing Phoenix force, the Phoenix returns to the Earth. It returns in a state of confusion and gets stuck in the form of a firefly. It then later runs into Wolverine, the Cuckoos, and Quentin Quire. Eventually, it remembers why it was drawn to the Earth and goes ahead to find the deceasing body of Jean Grey. It repossesses her from the beyond, and once more, the Phoenix is reborn. The storyline explores Jean Grey’s resurrection after death and also gives us the chance to see Phoenix Force’s personality. Greg Pak’s writing is enjoyable, to say the least. And the most astounding thing is Greg Land’s artwork. The inking, superb!

X-Men: Age of X

The Age of X storyline may seem like a homage to the classic Age of Apocalypse. However, it does more by portraying a different universe from the one we are accustomed to or the one that is more familiar to us. Mike Carey was quite bold in critically examining the X-Men books and their journey from the nineties. He attempts to determine how the different editorial policies have shaped the fictional world.  

New X-men

Grant Morrison New X-men lived up to the ‘New’ moniker. Now, we are not saying that everything about the book was new. But it was something the readers had not seen. Magneto returns to the book but in a manner that is unexpected for the readers. Morrison came and took a concept that was getting old and tired. He gave it a breath of life. With a few tweaks, such as ensuring that things played to their logical conclusions, he made the book refreshing. Morrison introduces Cassandra Nova, the Omega Gang, and Quentin Quire, and many other characters. He also focuses on Cyclops, countering the expectation that Wolverine would make a big part of any X-men movie. Morrison laid the groundwork for creating a fandom around Cyclops. This book makes X-men feel new.

Avengers/ X-Men: Utopia

This collection is pivotal in understanding X-Men history. It captures the X-men moving into their home, Utopia. This event is immensely significant in their recent history. I won’t lie; the story is quite good!

Wrap up

For comic book nerds and specifically Marvel comics fans, the Phoenix saga is undoubtedly one of the best stories in the Comic world. The comic books we have gone through above are some of the exciting reads for anyone keen on delving into Marvel’s comic universe.

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