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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Conan The Barbarian # 21
Fantastic Four # 32
Geiger # 2
Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom # 1
Heroes Reborn # 2
Heroes Reborn: Peter Parker, The Amazing Shutterbug
Heroes Reborn: Hyperion & The Imperial Guard # 1
Ice Cream Man # 24
Justice League: Last Ride # 1
Marvel Action Spider-Man # 2
The Silver Coin # 2
Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow # 2
Superman # 31
Wonder Woman # 772

Heroes Reborn # 2– This issue split into two stories, one that puts the spotlight on Hyperion in action and it’s cool to see that the first story, Hyperion comes across as a brutal copy of Superman in the way he handles the villains he battles, and his bouts with The Hulk and Galactus is just flat-out insane (**NO SPOILERS**) so this story did a perfect job of showcasing Hyperion in action not to mention his alter-ego as ninth-grade teacher Mark Milton, so I would definitely like to see more of Hyperion’s adventures after Heroes Reborn wraps up. The second story will definitely lead into something big for this next issue (**NO SPOILERS**) as Blade hooks up with a familiar figure so that’s something I’m hoping that gets fleshed out sooner than later.
Heroes Reborn: Hyperion & The Imperial Guard # 1- This is a comic that really took me by surprise because of how good the storytelling is, that, and the fact that this series is basically a modern-day version of “Superboy & The Legion Of Super-Heroes” but with more dynamic elements that makes this concept more intriguing so it is face to say that Marvel does a much better job of taking a DC Comics property and giving in a fresh spin so this series is definitely worth your time.

Heroes Reborn: Peter Parker, The Amazing Shutterbug # 1
Another great tie-in from “Heroes Reborn” in which Peter Parker never got bitten by that radioactive spider and instead went to work as the resident photographer for the Daily Bugle; This one-shot does a remarkable job of showing Peter’s intellect in action and the fact that he’s the Jimmy Olsen to Hyperion’s Superman is great (Although their “friendship” isn’t exactly heartwarming); Marc Bernardin’s script is very fantastic in showing the usual traits of Peter Parker without the web-slinging and wall-crawling; The artwork by Ron Lim (With inks by Scott Hanna) and Roberto De Latorre is slick and really brings out the visual to a story that could be boring to some but really adds a new layer to Spider-Man’s world no matter if its set in an alternate reality.

Ice Cream Man # 24– Always loving the creativity of this series and this issue definitely takes it up a notch. This issue focuses on a man named Jerry Donaldson, who after getting a rotten tooth pulled, his health quickly deteriorates and it isn’t long before a telethon to save Jerry’s life is on display so I enjoyed how every page showed Jerry at his worst while no one is donating to his save his life. This issue even goes for the forth-wall breaking aspect in which the host of the telethon offers the readers to drop this issue and he’ll either donate his own money to save Jerry’s life or he’ll shoot a random dog (Oh yeah…..it got real dark!); Ice Cream Man continues to be a comic that not only draws in readers old and new but pushes the boundaries that make this series a hit.

Justice League: Last Ride # 1– Chip Zdarsky delivers a really sensational Justice League story where one of the most recognizable teams in comics has been destroyed with tragedy and mistrust, but they have no choice but to come together for one more adventure (**NO SPOILERS**); Zdarksy is really becoming one of the most popular and innovative writers in comics today and “Last Ride” shows just that and seeing the League in turmoil really helps in giving us the details of how they got there piece by piece. Miguel Mendonca’s art is not only brilliant but really makes the story come alive and the details in his art are reminiscent of Michael Turner, but Mendonca really brings his own artistic flair to this series. Last Ride is a Justice League story worth your time and gives the readers a story that puts an emotional spin on the League with maximum effort.

The Silver Coin # 2– This story, by series artist Michael Walsh with Kelly Thompson in the writer’s chair for this issue that focuses on a young girl named Fiona who, in 1993, goes to an all-girls summer camp but it’s not all fun when the other girls target Fiona with cruel bullying and The Silver Coin makes Fiona’s presence, and that’s when things take a bloody turn and I really like how Thompson delivered all of the horror movie factors to great effect but never making them look tired and overused. The Silver Coin continues to be an awesome anthology series that surprises the readers with such profound elements all while giving us stories that have us wanting more.

Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow # 2– Seeing Peter Parker fully embrace the symbiote is a story I enjoy reading because while we’ve always wondered what would happen if he did such a thing, I’m happy to see that there’s a series that actually answers said question and the results are astonishing; The action sequences are extremely brutal and as Spidey’s road to darkness continues to be intriguing, this series is an amazing example of delivering a grim take on Spider-Man but never losing focus on who the character is.

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