One of the hottest conversations happening in the comic book community is about the brand new property: TEMERITY. Its not hard to see why considering the creators are seasoned pros. Chad Hardin was on the #1 selling comic in 2016 – Harley Quinn Rebirth #1. Jemma M. Young has been spotlighted on several webcomic platforms including Tapas, Webtoons, and Smackjeeves. On the Webtoon platform she has over 84,000 subscribers to her creator-owned comic “Children of Eldair.” So its safe to say this is no flash in the pan!

But… what is Temerity?

It is Guardians of the Galaxy meets Firefly in this new sci-fi comic by Harley Quinn artist Chad Hardin and indie creator Jemma M. Young.

They are running a kickstarter campaign to get the first issue of this sci-fi comic printed. This issue features 22 full color comic pages and will have a page dedicated to the backers of the project for making this book a reality. As they grow in funding, they will add content to this book including more guest art, extra side comics, and concept art. They will also have a series of variant covers done by some amazing artists including Starbite and Crystal Fae.

Chad has been working in the comic industry for over 20 years. He’s worked with some of the biggest comic book companies on some amazing properties. But he’s just a contracted illustrator – which means he doesn’t actually own any of the characters or stories that he works on. Often times, the creative freedom on these projects is very limited and the deadlines are fierce. After working on Harley Quinn for 5 years he wanted to do something different and create something he could call his own. He and Jemma have known each other for many years and worked on smaller projects together and often talked about starting their own comic together. On the drive back from an Amazing Vegas Comic Con, Jemma pitched Temerity to Chad as a potential future project – and it stuck. That was over three years ago and now the first issue is ready to go. It’s been quite the journey trying to get this ready to share with the world. Because it’s creator owned, there’s no publisher to pay for the work up front, there’s no marketing team to help share it with the world. Everything done and created is by the small Temerity team, often between paid projects and other life obligations. Chad works as an assistant professor at Utah Valley University and still does contracted work for DC Comics. Jemma does her own creator-owned comic “Children of Eldair” while taking care of her two young children.

The Kickstarter to get the first issue of Temerity printed launched at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con this summer and raised it’s initial goal of $8,500 in 11 hours. It is now working on stretch goals to add more content to its pages and get backers cool extra content for free. You can check out the campaign on Kickstarter and pre-order the first issue before the campaign ends on July 26th, 2019.

Kickstarter Campaign Page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jemmamyoung/temerity-1-

Temerity website: https://temerity.space/

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