Surprising Facts about Gambling in Comics

Comic books and gambling are rarely outrightly considered to have any relation, but you would be surprised at just how intertwined both sectors are. Gambling has a long history in the world of comics, something that many people have never really looked into more deeply.

At many land-based casinos, for instance, operators figured out that players enjoyed the games more if they were based on things that they are familiar with. Comic book-inspired casino games, table games and online slots are now commonly found in some of the best online casinos for real money. That is just beginning though.

Online Gambling and Comics

By the time online gambling activities became a reality, the tie-ins between gambling activities and comic books had grown very strong. Gamblers who love comic books are now able to easily merge these two interests thanks to the existence of a plethora of casino games that bring the best of both worlds to life.

Clearly, despite the fact that a lot of things regarding the relationship between the two sectors are usually overlooked, the tie-in is only about to grow even stronger. Comic book culture has exploded over the past two decades, and online gambling is increasingly becoming a pass time for more people from all corners of the world.

This piece is all about appreciating the relationship between gambling and comic books. We are going to do this by breaking down a few facts that you may have missed regarding the representation of gambling in comic books. These are not only a great conversation starter but also pretty useful information that could give you lots of background knowledge on the current state of the sectors. So, here we go:

  1. Batman’s Unpredictable Villains

Batman is a household name, but he would certainly not be as much of a big deal if he did not have some of the most iconic villains in existence.

The Joker, who is arguably Batman’s greatest villain, is somehow inspired by card games. Sometimes he even uses a deck of playing cards with sharp tips to commit crimes. As if that is not enough, he is super unpredictable, so much that fighting him is often like gambling – the outcomes are very uncertain. Sounds familiar?

  1. Some Characters Obsessed with Gambling

The Penguin, another Batman villain, is known for owning a casino. This is all tied into his criminal activities and shady dealings, which is a nod to the real world where some unregulated gambling venues are also dens for illegal activities.

Two-Face, one other iconic villain in the DC Universe, is an avid gambler who bases most of his actions on a coin flip. He is also known for being very unpredictable.

  1. Superman Once Waged War Against Gambling

Comic books have always had some moral lessons to share, and this can be traced right back to the very beginning. In the mid-20th century, Superman writers used the comic book series to share information regarding the dangers of gambling. “Superman and the Number’s Racket” and “The Gambling Racket in Metropolis” are both fantastic stories that showcase Superman coming to the aid for suicidal gamblers while fighting off some gambling syndicates. This was a mirror of what was going on in the real world – unregulated gambling activities run by gangs and syndicates were very problematic back then.

  1. Luck as a Superpower

Gambling is always associated with luck, and there are even characters whose superpowers are controlling luck. These characters were super fun to watch and interact with since they were often able to have things go their way despite some of the unpredictability that was involved. Marvel’s Domino is one such character, and her influence is quite noticeable from how she is represented in movies.

  1. How Gambit Made Gambling Look Cool

Unlike boy scouts like Superman or Captain America, Gambit does not always conform to the status quo, which is what makes him a great poker player.  Being an antihero that has significant character flaws, he can easily be regarded as an average Joe who is able to make the best use of witty and strategy to beat opponents at a game of poker. His skill further extends to other parts of his life that relate to his love for poker. For instance, he also makes use of his playing cards during fights. Now, that is very cool.

  1. Comic Books Made Gambling Safer.

It goes without saying that gambling and comic books are more related now than ever before. Thanks to advancements in technology, the two sectors have grown immensely, and since they often draw inspiration from one another, it is safe to say that we can expect even more fun things in the future.

As it stands, players can get access to thousands of exciting slots that are inspired by comic book characters right from the superheroes themselves to the very scary villains. Customers now feel even more at home with various gambling destinations because of these themes.

Moreover, it is also safe to say that comic book superheroes have played a role in cleaning up the gambling industry and making it better. These comic book characters are backed by huge corporations who would not want their property to be represented in a bad light. As such, players are almost always assured that the comic book-themed casino games that they are playing are operating legally and under strict regulations. This is a rather unexpected perk that all players get to enjoy even if they are not comic book fans.

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