Comic Book Cats, number 58: Faith #10

Comic Book Cats, number 58: Faith #10, drawn by Joe Eisma, written by Jody Hauser and lettered by Dave Sharpe, published by Valiant Entertainment in April 2017.

The various enemies of Faith Herbert, aka Zephyr, join forces to gain revenge on the telekinetic superhero. Among the members of the nefarious Faithless is Dark Star, “a parasitic psiot entity currently trapped in a cat.” Dark Star may look cute and cuddly, but trust me, he’s a major @$$hole. Just don’t give him any champagne. He gets drunk REALLY easily.

Faith was a really good comic book series. Jody Hauser’s stories were both poignant and humorous. She did a great job developing Faith Herbert’s character. The artists who worked with Hauser on the miniseries and ongoing all did high quality work.
Joe Eisma has also drawn Morning Glories for Image Comics and several titles for Archie Comics. He is definitely very adept at drawing teenage characters.

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