Captain Freedom -AC Comics

Don Wright, a newspaper publisher who adopted a costumed identity to fight agents of the Axis. He was assisted by Young Defenders, four kids who worked for him as deliverymen.


Fighting Yank -AC Comics

Bruce Carter was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Given a special mission by General Washington, Carter was killed by British spies, and the information he was carrying fell into enemy hands. His spirit was confined to earth for his failure. Bruce Carter III was the spitting image of his great-grandfather. He was visited by the ghost of Bruce Carter I, who showed him the location of a magical cloak and tri-corner hat that could give the wearer invulnerability and super strength. Only Carter III’s girlfriend, Joan Farwell, knows of his dual identity. She figured it out during their first encounter


Miss Victory – AC Comics

Joan Wayne was a Washington D.C. stenographer who grew tired of watching corrupt politicians. She decided to help the FBI by putting on a costume and fighting the crooked politicians as Miss Victory. It seems she has superhuman strength and limited invulnerability because of her abilities to survive explosions, break free of ropes, or knockdown walls. Her enemies include the Mad Monster. She is considered the first patriotic heroine.


Yankee Girl – AC Comics

Lauren Mason learns that, just by saying the words “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” she changes into Yankee Girl. As Yankee Girl, Mason has super strength, is bulletproof, and can fly. She appears to be able to remain in her superhuman form for an indefinite period of time. Mason is engaged to Dr. Cory Habot.


Captain Flag – Archie Comics

Tom Townsend, the wealthy playboy son of an inventor father. The villain the Black Hand kidnaps him and his father, intending to torture Tom’s father in order to obtain the secret of his latest invention, but Tom’s father dies resisting the questioning. Before Tom, too, is killed, a great eagle crashes through the window and carries Tom off.

Training with the eagle’s aerie at the top of the mountain, the healthy environment, and hard living made him an elite physical specimen. When the eagle brings a US flag, he took it on as his namesake and makes a costume out of the flag. He names his animal savior-turned-sidekick Yank the Eagle and went on to successfully thwart the Black Hand.


Lancelot Strong: Shield – Archie Comics

Lancelot’s scientist father developed a method to create a superhuman by expanding the mind, which he used on his infant son. After his father was killed by foreign agents, Lancelot was adopted by a farm couple and raised as their son. Once he hit his teens, he discovered the truth of his background and his powers: strength, flight, near-invulnerability, vision powers, the ability to generate lightning, and a few more. His father had created a patriotic costume for him, and he started off as the new superhero, the Shield. He soon joined the Army, while leading a double life as the Shield


Shield – Archie Comics

Tom Higgins was a scientist who was working on a formula that would grant superpowers. However, he was killed during the Black Tom Explosion set up by the Nazis and was framed for the said explosion. Tom manages to tell his son Joe about the unfinished formula called S.H.I.E.L.D., which stood for Sacrum, Heart, Innervation, Eyes, Lungs, and Derma. Joe then became a chemist and completed the formula in order to clear his father’s good name. However, before using the formula, his father’s killer goes after Joe. After being badly beaten, Joe crawls back to his lab and uses the formula into his body. He sealed himself into a special white suit and was exposed to “fluoroscopic rays” for 12 hours. This process gave him superpowers, allowing him to become the crime fighter called the Shield. The process also gives his costume its patriotic colors. He joined the FBI with his identity was only known by FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover.


The American – Dark Horse Comics

There have been hundreds of Americas, government operatives genetically altered to make them stronger and faster than normal humans, equipped with Kevlar outfits and working with highly trained special effects people to fake the other powers. A government cover-up was used to convince the American public that there was only one American.


Lady Liberty – DC Comics

Lady Liberty, a woman of French or Canadian origin, who channeled her energy-manipulating powers through a vessel shaped like a torch


Miss America – DC Comics

In the late spring of 1941 on Liberty Island, reporter Joan Dale has a dream that the Statue of Liberty comes to life and grants her the power to alter the nature of matter. She creates a colorful costume and becomes Miss America, one of America’s first heroines. In truth, she had been abducted by the top-secret government agency, Project M, and her powers were actually the result of a secret experiment. They believed the experiment to be a failure and had returned her to whence she had been taken, leaving her none the wiser.


Uncle Sam – DC Comics

In Uncle Sam Quarterly #2, the Will Eisner version of Uncle Sam described his origin. He explained that he was originally Sam, a young man from what was then colonial America. When the colonies declared independence, he volunteered to fight in the burgeoning American army. He was killed in battle, but before he could pass on, a mysterious entity declared that he would become a spiritual embodiment of the new nation. Since then, Sam appeared whenever America needed him, lending his hands in the many conflicts it was involved with.


Wonder Woman – DC Comics

Wonder Woman is an Amazon warrior princess. The daughter of Hippolyta, she was given power by the Gods to fight against evil in all of its forms. Although she was raised entirely by women on the island of Themyscira, she is an ambassador to the world of man, spreading their idealistic message of strength and love. She fights crime and acts as a positive role model for women everywhere.


American Eagle III – G-Man Comics

A third-generation costumed adventurer, Alex Michael Russell began life as an ordinary man. Though both his grandfather and father bore the mantle of AMERICAN EAGLE, he never showed any sign of superhuman powers. During an operation involving a rogue terrorist cell, Alex flew his jet directly into the missile, detonating it before it could reach the United States, gladly giving his life for his country. And as the Navy was recovering the wreckage of the jet, they discovered Alex’s body floating in the water alongside it. Even more miraculous still, he showed signs of life! Taken to a top-secret location, Alex remained in a coma for nearly a month while his body underwent massive mutagenic changes brought on by both his exposure to the unique energies of the warhead as well as his body’s now-unlocked genetic potential. Upon awakening, Alex discovered that he now possessed powers far beyond those of both his father and grandfather. Adopting a signature uniform, and working in concert with the United States government, Alex now serves his nation as its mightiest defender, proudly carrying on his grandfather’s legacy into the next century.


Champion of Liberty² – G-Man Comics

Jack is the son of John Steele, Sr., the original Champion of Liberty. He was brought up by his single mother, Rose O’Neill, without his father’s knowledge. Young Jack was a high-school drop-out, thief, and hacker. Convicted of hacking federal computer systems, Jack was imprisoned at FCI Petersburg. There, he was recruited by the FBI to spy on his fellow inmates. When he was released, he continued working undercover. Eventually, the Bureau revealed to him who his father was, treated him with the Myrmidon super-soldier serum, and gave him his father’s uniform and powered gauntlets. Champion of Liberty 2 by Phil FlynnHe then assumed the identity of the second Champion of Liberty and the name John Steele, Jr.

Sgt. Flag – G-Man Comics

Rob McFarlane is a Sargent in the U.S. Marine Corps. He joined the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) the day he graduated from high school and joined the Marines, stationed with the 3rd Marine Raider Battalion in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. He strongly believes “No Man Left Behind” and has become. A one-man extraction team. While most combat troops try to dress in camouflage, Sgt. Flag drapes himself in the colors of the flag to stand out and be seen by the troops he is trying to save. Sgt. Flag is the Hammer of Justice. When you need a hammer, he is there to save your ass. Semper Fi Mø†#≡Γ Fμ¢κ≡Γ.


Simon N. Kirby, The Agent – G-Man Comics

Simon N. Kirby is a third-generation F.B.I. Special Agent with 5 years of service to the bureau. He specialized in organized crime and has done some undercover work, infiltrating and arresting members of hate groups. When the F.B.I. instituted the caped agent program to police the superheroes, keep them in line and bring them in when they cross the line, Agent Kirby was selected as the first member of the Caped Service. Caped Service is considered to be a high-profile assignment and an honor by the bureau. However, among the agents, the assignment is considered a joke and with way too much attention for higher-ups and no ability to advance. Kirby filed an official protest when assigned to the position and had a strong desire to continue in his prior role in the organized crime unit. Despite his disdain for his new role, he has been successful in keeping the super community of vigilantes from violating federal laws, protecting civilians, and making sure that supervillains can be prosecuted for their crimes.

Sister Flag – G-Man Comics

Robin McFarlane is a Sargent in the U.S. Marine Corps. She is also the sister of Sgt. Flag. Following in her brother’s footsteps she joined the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) the day she graduated from high school, stationed with the 3rd Marine Raider Battalion in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. She strongly believes “No One Left Behind” and has become. A one-woman extraction team. While most combat troops try to dress in camouflage, Sister Flag drapes herself in the colors of the flag to stand out and be seen by the troops she is trying to save.


Liberty Girl – Heroic Publications

Elena Hunter, America’s bronze goddess of freedom, the LIBERTY GIRL! From 1938 through 1956, she fought the good fight, doing battle against the enemies of freedom. Now, half a century later, she’s returned to us at last, just when we need her the most.


SuperPatriot – Image Comics

Superpatriot was once Johnny Armstrong, a soldier in World War II. Captured by the Germans, Armstrong was used as a guinea pig for scientific experiments and gained superhuman powers. He destroyed the base at which he was being kept so the Nazis could not replicate the process on their troops and donned an American flag-styled costume to become Superpatriot.


American Dream – Marvel Comics

Shannon Carter is the daughter of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter, who grew up idolizing Captain America. She got a job working as a tour guide for the Avengers Mansion. When the new Avengers team was formed, she was invited to join. She had designed a costume, created disc weapons that looked like miniature versions of Captain America’s shield, and underwent a lot of physical training to make herself as strong and as agile as humanly possible. She joined the team as the “American Dream”. Shannon soon proved herself to be worthy of Cap’s colors, and when the team had to save the original Avengers from a dark parallel reality, she proved that she was worthy of his shield; The original Captain America gave her the alternate Captain’s shield.


Captain America – Marvel Comics

In World War II patriotic solider Steve Rogers recipient of the “Super Soldier Serum” became the living symbol of freedom, Captain America. Left for dead while frozen in ice, the star-spangled hero with an indestructible shield awoke years later to continue his never-ending battle for liberty.


Miss America – Marvel Comics

Madeline Joyce, the niece of a millionaire who was financing electrical experiments of an unknown nature in a converted lighthouse on the east coast of America. One night, Joyce was visiting the lighthouse during a violent electrical storm. She was caught in a powerful electrical discharge from the equipment triggered by the storm outside. Joyce miraculously survived the accident but lay in a coma for a week. The discharge, however, activated her latent mutant abilities.


ShieldMaster – Organic Comix

The Original ShieldMaster was a hero from another plane of reality, a place named Shield World, that you can reach through black holes. He was the leader of the Shield Heroes, whose mission was to protect their world and their Queen. Until their world was invaded by Annihilation, a powerful conqueror, and they lost a desperate fight. Today, an American kid named Jess discovers he has been chosen to carry on the fight — right here on Earth.


Fighting American – Titan Comics

Patriotic television newscaster Johnny Flagg, a war hero much given to warning America about the dangers of communism. Those self-same communist agitators promptly beat him close to death, but on his deathbed he asks his feeble brother Nelson, who had been scripting Johnny’s red-baiting speeches all along, to carry on his fight. Days later, the army summons Nelson to a secret lab where Johnny’s revitalized body has been dressed in a stylish red, white, and blue costume. In the ensuing operation, Nelson’s brain is transferred to Johnny’s body and the fearless Fighting American is born

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