The STAR WARS saga continues with the new episode ► Star Wars 10 – Jedi Fallen Order ◄ Exclusive full fan movie in English

In “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order”, when it is discovered that the Darth Sidious (also known as the Emperor) did not die at the hands of Darth Vader, the rebels must race against time to find his location. Cal Kestis and Cere Junda lead the Resistance to thwart the plans of the First Order to establish a new empire. By doing so, Cal predicts that he will inevitably conflict with Darth Vader.

Cere takes Cal to a planet called Bogano with the aim to access an ancient vault. A droid named BD-1 crosses their way and becomes a companion for the further course of the Full movie playing in the Star Wars universe. Ariving at the vault, Cal need to use his force as a Jedi to unlock the ancient place. Straight after entering the vault both got attacked by the Second Sister, who was sent by Darth Vader to wipe out both. Now its getting critical for the two protagonists of Star Wars Episode 10. Cal and Cere must use the full bandwith of their jedi force to escape the fallen order. As a consequence of the defeat, Darth Vader commands the Second Sister back and punishes her with the dark side of the force.

By watching Star Wars 10 as a full movie, you quickly realise that the Fallen Order can not be defeated so easily by the Jedi. Cal and Cere just made their way to safety on a densely forested habitable moon, when several special forces Tie Fighter land nearby. Darth Vader and the Second Sister enter the planet and bring a large following of Stormtrooper with them. The Jedi whip out their laser swords to stop the Fallen Order. But the superiority of the dark side of the force soon makes itself felt, after Darth Vader has Cal in a tight stranglehold. We will have to see how the Jedi will engage with the Fallen Order and what new challenges will be presented in Star Wars Episode 10 for our heroes. Will Cal and Cere win against Darth Vader? Be excited about the end of the full movie Star Wars 10.

In the following you get a quick look on what you are about to see:

00:00:00 Lucasfilm Intro
00:00:11 Var-Shaa Imperial Dockyards after the Battle of Endor
00:07:15 Error on Line 10-A
00:08:57 Jedi Fighter Jet
00:11:34 Second Sister from the Imperial Inquisitor
00:16:46 Cal Kestis being rescued by Cere Junda and Greez
00:21:51 Finding and Fixing BD-1
00:24:07 Bogano – The Beginning of Exploration
00:25:24 Reaching the Vault
00:26:37 Master Eno Cordova
00:32:54 Reaching Dathomir
00:33:15 The Resident Night Sister
00:34:02 The Entrance of Eilram’s Tomb
00:35:18 Tomb of Zeffo Sage
00:39:47 Reaching Kashyyyk
00:42:43 Helping Saw Gerrera rescue the Wookies
00:48:07 Back to the Zeffo Galaxy
00:48:28 Fighting against the Second Sister, Trilla Suduri
00:51:18 Representation of the Sacred Zeffo Artifact
00:53:35 Cal Confronting Cere
00:55:18 Greez Apologizes to Cal
00:56:48 Reaching Kashyyyk
00:57:57 Rescuing the Shyyyo Bird
01:00:08 Cordova unveils the Location of The Astrium
01:00:48 Cal Fights and Defeats Ninth Sister
01:03:01 Informing the Crew about the Astrium and the Ninth Sister
01:04:38 Nightsister Merrin blames Jedi for Massacre of her sisters
01:05:36 Flashback of Cal’s Former Master, Jaro Tapal
01:08:38 Cal and Taron Malicos Attacked by Merrin
01:12:38 Cere Admits her Failures
01:15:44 Cal overcomes his Guilt for Jaro’s Death
01:23:17 Merrin’s Conversation with Cal
01:25:18 Cal Defeats Malicos with Merrin’s Aid who joins the Stinger Mantis Crew
01:32:27 Back to Bogano
01:33:09 Trilla attacks Cal and steals the Holocron
01:34:47 Cal sees Cere’s Past and becomes a Jedi Knight
01:39:24 Cal Defeats Trilla and Retrieves the Holocron
01:42:49 Cal, Cere and BD-1 Escape Darth Vader by Merrin’s Help
01:44:51 Cal Destroys The Holocron
01:47:28 Outro

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