SUNDAY SUPER CINEMA: MILES: A Spider-Man Fan Film (2020)

When 19 year old Miles Morales decides to take over the mantle of Spider-Man after Peter Parker disappears, he finds himself in the cross hairs of The Shocker and Rocket Racer.

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This short film is a non profit project. All rights to the characters and music within belong to their respective owners.

Lakin Mims as Miles Morales

Dylan Jaeger as Herman Schultz/The Shocker

Finch Moore as Robbie Farrell/Rocket Racer

Nick Messersmith as Conor
Carlos Alexander as Cab Driver
Tristan Bennett as Trent/Civilian #1
Kazek Israni-Winger as Civilian #2
Luke Kreger as Civilian #3
Dora Ui as Civilian #4
Mariana Calderon as Civilian #5
Rob Merritt as News Anchor (Voice)
Carrsan Morrisey as Civilian (Voice)
Shelby Davis as Civilian (Voice)

Fight and Stunt Choreography by Nick Messersmith

Adapted, Directed, and Edited by Tarrell Christie

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