Comic Book Cats, number 49: Femforce #115

Comic Book Cats, number 49: Femforce #115, written & penciled by Stephanie Sanderson Heike, inked by Mark Heike and lettered by Walt Paisley & Penny Priddy, published by AC Comics in March 2002.

The main story in this issue of Femforce sees the team attempting to deal with the Artiste, a flamboyant robber with a cheesy French accent who conducts high-profile robberies. The action briefly shifts to the team’s sorceress Nightveil, aka Laura Wright, who explains to her cat familiar Lucifer Sam that she has experienced an ominous premonition.

Stephanie Sanderson Heike has a fun art style, and she is effectively inked by her husband Mark, who has been a regular creative & editorial presence on the Femforce series since it began in 1985. Stephanie & Mark certainly draw a cute Lucifer Sam.

Nightveil and Sam’s story will be picked up by another great creative team, as we will witness in tomorrow’s entry.

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