Comic Book Cats, number 50: Femforce #116

Comic Book Cats, number 50: Femforce #116, penciled by Eric Coile, written & inked by Bill Black and lettered by Walt Paisley, published by AC Comics in August 2002.

Following on from events seen in yesterday’s entry, the diabolical Alizarin Crimson is attempting to obtain the mystical Prima Gem for her latest supernatural patron, the dark demon Zargamuu. Alizarin sneaks into the sanctum of the sorceress Nightveil located in an old mansion in the Florida Everglades. She is discovered by Nightveil, and the two women engage in a brutal struggle. Powered by the gem, Alizarin gains the upper hand and threatens to drown Nightveil in the swamp.

Suddenly Nightveil’s cat familiar Lucifer Sam leaps from the mansion and snatches the Prime Gem away from Alizarin, and then vanishes into a wormhole into another dimension. Yes, the cat saves the day!

Eric Coile & Bill Black have worked together on a number of Femforce issues, always to good effect. They are the current regular creative team on the series, and their latest story arc sees Alizarin Crimson once again rearing her vile head to bedevil the team. Femforce is a fun series, and I recommend giving it a try. Details on current issues, and ordering information for older comics, can be found on the AC Comics website.

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