The Scarlet Scorpion, a superhero from AC Comics, appears in his first feature-length adventure.

In this origin story, Rick Trent (Gary Lester) becomes the Scarlet Scorpion to battle the supervillain, the Iron Claw. Vallerie Mann (Cat LoCicero) also dons a second alien battle suit to become a female Scorpion.

This 73-minute feature also incorporated the previously listed SCARLET SCORPION: RISE OF A SUPERHEROINE (27 mins).

The plot involves research scientist Dr. Richard Trent boarding an alien spacecraft and escaping with an intriguing “box” of otherworldly design. Using his mind to activate the box, Trent is presented with two battle suits, one male and one female. When the Iron Claw threatens to destroy Orlando with a nuclear bomb, Trent decides he must don the suit to save the city. After his first mission is a success newscaster Casey Collins (Jennifer Trieste) dubs him THE SCARLET SCORPION.

Now a crimefighter, SCORP takes down several criminals. However, the Iron Claw is determined to claim that battle armor for himself and sends robots to capture SCORP. The second suit is delivered to a government agent who in turn is pursued by the Claw’s robots. He manages to pass on to a young woman, Vallerie Mann before he is killed. She becomes a female Scarlet Scorpion who, in her first mission, engages Duchess Sadistica (Heather Brinkley) a menace from the future.

Look for cameos of  AC Comics characters such as Blue Bulleteer (Maria Paris), Tara (Kate Moore), Nyoka Gordon (Nikki Rae), and Synn (Amy LoCicero). Other cameos include Lon Madnight (Mike Acord), the Top Hatter (Joshua Kennedy), Lucky O’Leary (Drew McMahon), Dr. Van Horn (Mark Holmes), Myra (Brenna Barry), Scoop Hardy (David G. Hardy), and Monster Gorilla (Chris Casteel).

The prolific Joel D. Wynkoop appears in an extended sequence as “The Collector.” Stephanie Mason Teague turns in a fine performance as Trent’s assistant, Joan Rogers.

The SCARLET SCORPION was first created by Bill Black in 1959. He appeared in Paragon publications (PARAGON SUPER HEROES) and is a member of AC Comics’ super team, THE SENTINELS OF JUSTICE. In 2020 he is a recurring character in the FEMFORCE title.


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