Straight From the Horse’s Mouth … Xanthus #1

Cover Xanthus 1
Cover Xanthus 1

That’s a deep dive in the headline. You see, Xanthus was one of two horses owned by Achilles. And a deep dive is exactly what Michael McAdam has on his hands with the latest comic from Two Gargoyles Comics. Xanthus #1 opens with a chat about depression, and the main character, Sean Preston, deals rather poorly with his depression. I’ve always enjoyed Michael’s satirical writing in titles like Diaperman, but with Xanthus, we see McAdam easily shifting gears to more thoughtful fare.

Interior Xanthus 1
Interior Xanthus 1

Xanthus is an alien energy being, a soul if you will. A being of light and joy. Sensing Sean has given up, Xanthus fuses their essence with the depressed man, saving him from an attempted suicide. After some solid pages of Xanthus and Sean learning to understand each other, we also glimpse the other side of the coin, the arch nemesis, Nubilus. A shadow to the light of Xanthus.

Art is provided by Mark Marvida, who knocks it out of the park. Mark’s artwork fits the story completely. Solid linework from Mark with brilliantly moody colours provided by Marvin Marvida. The overall comic is extremely polished and would be at home with any of the big publishers,

First issues have only one job: making the reader want more. They interest the reader with great art, an intriguing concept, and just enough solid writing that they are compelled to seek out the next issue. And in that, Xanthus delivers. I want more.

Two Gargoyles Comics has been producing comics since 1996. There isn’t a tonne of indie publishers out there that have been actively creating comics for over 25 years, so check out the Two Gargoyles Comics website for details on purchasing their host of titles digitally or physical copies HERE

Issue: Xanthus #1 | Publisher: Two Gargoyle Comics
Writer: Michael McAdam | Artist: Mark Marvida
Colourist: Marvin Marvida | Letters: Michael McAdam

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