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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1065
Amazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt # 1
Armored # 1
Batman & Robin # 9
Blue Beetle # 9
DOOM # 1
Godzilla Vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers II # 2
Ice Cream Man # 39
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 20
Redocoat # 2
Showcase # 22 (Facsimile Edition)
Sinister Sons # 4
Ultimate X-Men # 3
Venom: Separation Anxiety # 1

Amazing Spider-Man: Blood Hunt # 1– This series, which serves as a tie-in to “Blood Hunt”, is an absolute mess when it comes to how the story was constructed; Right away there are too many sequences filled with tons of expository that are linked to the action scenes which I feel is the only good thing that makes this issue worth reading but while the Spider-Man/Misty Knight partnership is solid, it feels as if the creative team when out of their way to insult their core audience thanks to the cut scenes and the endless amount of exposition when it comes to explaining the characters’ personality traits (Gets a little tiresome after a while) and I’m not even going to start on how The Lizard is completely misused which hurts him as he’s one of the most iconic Spider-Man villains. Spidey fans will enjoy this series but the opening issue did not leave a lasting impression by not addressing the positive points of “Blood Hunt”; Hopefully, the creative team will make good in the next issue.

Armored # 1– This series is a perfect way to take the concept of “Shazam!” but place it within the confines of the real world thanks to screenwriter Michael Schwartz (of “Gnome Alone” and “R.L. Stine’s Zombie Town” fame) and artist Isabel Hernandez; The story starts with Andy, a 13-year-old who after placed in the foster system, gets adopted by a couple who lost their son, Myles two years earlier. It isn’t long before Andy finds out the truth about Myles’ passing as he finds a castle outside of the town where he currently lives and this is when he comes across a suit of armor that’s been inhabited by a ghost who goes by the name of Sir William (Sounds weird but go with it); Schwartz makes the best of this concept as he blends horror and fantasy with ease but at the same time, it feels more like an Ivan Reitman movie that I feel tones down the medieval aspects to where it’s not extremely over the top but makes it relatable to anyone who loves humor in a gothic story such as this one. This series will get some attention from the young adult audience due to this concept being delightful while exploring one boy’s journey to greatness which truly is something to look forward to.

DOOM # 1– Every now and then, a supervillain makes their mark on pop culture and that’s definitely true when it comes to Doctor Doom so this one-shot is a great reminder of how powerful he is when he puts his high intellect to work; Shortly, Doom sets out on a quest to stop Galactus from destroying the Marvel Universe in the future and I have to say that this story is truly a cosmic masterpiece that hits the right notes when it comes to drama and being an amazing character study (Writing “Fantastic Four” during the mid-2000s have paid off for Jonathan Hickman, who truly gets Doom’s inner working as a villain white highlighting the more fascinating aspects about him such as his ability to be fearsome and cunning); Having Valeria Richards as his anchor shows that Doom’s not completely coldhearted but adds a form of support for someone willing to bring down a powerful entity such as Galactus; DOOM # 1 is a magnificent story of epic proportions that displays the doctor at his best while giving readers the story that will always be remembered.

Ice Cream Man # 39– This issue of ICM tells a chilling story about a family and a truck driver involved in a car accident but how it’s told is truly exhilarating even though car accidents are tragedies that will leave anyone scarred both physically and emotionally; Showing the family as well as the truck driver’s lives flash before their eyes as well as taking a glimpse at their potential futures that is suspenseful and chilling but done in a way that stretches time but never get annoying nor goes for a off the wall element which in turn works perfectly for a story such as this one; Is it a painful story to get through? yes, but it’s well-executed to where some readers who have been in serious or minor car accidents may be shocked to relive that horror so proceed with caution. Either way, it will haunt anyone no matter what.

Venom: Separation Anxiety # 1– It’s always a pleasure when David Michelinie returns to tell another untold tale of Venom that makes it another great throwback story but this time around everyone’s favorite Lethal Protector is heading for a showdown with The Purple Man that could be looked at as boring but Michelinie once again works his magic with his writing as he sets up plenty of action as well as a plot twist towards the end that no one will see coming (**NO SPOILERS**); Gerardo Sandoval is without a doubt one of the premier Venom artists of all time as his artwork is just another winning formula for this series and the 90s nostalgia is another reminder of how great Venom was during that era. This series was made for Venom fans who love Eddie Brock and that is nothing to sneer about.

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