Space Goat Going Global!!

Space Goat Productions Enters Into New International Agreements
Evil Dead and Howling to Be Translated in French and Italian

(April 24, 2018 – Bellingham, WA) – Space Goat Productions is excited to announce that they have entered into two separate distribution agreements with publishing companies in both France and Italy. This will be the first time that foreign-language content from SGP will be translated and distributed in localized languages

In France, SGP has agreed to partner with Wetta. Wetta will be translating select titles from SGP’s library of Evil Dead 2 and The Howling books into French for local distribution. “I’m a huge fan of Evil Dead 2 which is one of the best horror movies ever made,” said owner Fred Wetta. “I have watched it something like a hundred times and still enjoy it. So when the fine folks at Space Goat started to produce comics to expand its universe, I had to take a look and what I found amazed me! Not only was the art cool, but the stories they’ve created were so clever and respectful to what the movies and the other medias brought to the Evil Dead mythology.”

In Italy, Weird Books, an imprint of Panini Books, will handle the translation and distribution to the Italian book market. Select titles from Evil Dead 2 and The Howling franchise will be made available. Weird Books will also be translating SGP’s original Backpack Editions books which include such titles as Big Game Hunters and Mage, Inc. This will mark the first time that original content from Space Goat is available in a language other than English.

Release dates for the books in both markets will be made available at a later date.

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