Source Point Press Holds Free Comic Book Week

Source Point Press is proud to announce Free Comic Book Week, an online event held by Ox Eye Media. From April 27th through May 4th readers will be able to order Source Point Press comic books and graphic novels at, free!

Nolan Nasser, the COO of Ox Eye Media has been hard at work planning this event. “We’ve seen a lot of love and support for our comic book line, so we decided to give back,” says Nolan. “The sales will go live at 12pm EST on Monday; a selection of free comics and graphic novels will be updated each day throughout the week. Customers will only be charged shipping and we’ve worked hard to get the best rates possible.”

“May 2nd was supposed to be Diamond’s Free Comic Book Day event,” says Source Point Press co-founder and Art Director, Joshua Werner. “It had to be postponed given the current pandemic crisis. That event is about more than getting free comics. It’s a holiday of sorts, introducing fans to new titles and bringing our passion for the medium together. We wanted to replicate that feeling, even if only in a small way, by offering up free product to create an online event readers can be excited about.” While readers will be limited to taking 1 of each free item, there will be numerous items on sale they can take advantage of as well. Everyone is encouraged to visit to read the FAQ question that outlines the event, and even get a peek at some of the titles that will be offered up free of charge.

“We’d like to also take this moment to remind our readers about our Retailer Relief Program,” says Josh. “People making purchases on the Source Point Press webstore can choose a local comic book store they’d like to support. By putting the name and location of the shop in the Notes during checkout, customers are helping to support retailers struggling during this difficult time. We take 25% of their order total and send that money directly to the store of their choosing.”

Readers are encouraged to mark their calendars for 12pm EST on 4/27, and to check back at each day at 12pm EST, as limited quantities of new free titles will continue to be added

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