Small Guide: When and Why Should We Use Residential Proxies?


These days, corporations and regular users alike frequently utilize residential proxies to get around restrictions and automate certain processes. However, despite its widespread use, this instrument is still shrouded in mystery. What are actually residential proxies, and how do they differ from other types? Do you even need them and why are they so special?


“How do residential proxies function?”, “How can I utilize them effectively?” and other pertinent questions will all be mentioned in this essay – just keep reading and… let’s get to the point together!

What are Actually Residential Proxies?

Residential proxies are IP addresses that a legitimate internet service provider has given to a device that is already in use. In other words, these are gadgets that you may connect to remotely to redirect your traffic and conceal your true IP address.

How Can We Use Them?

Choosing residential proxies will typically provide you access to a pool of IP addresses from the areas of your choice, which is usually a set amount of IP addresses. According to your needs and the pricing plan you select, the pool’s size will vary.


As soon as you have proxies, you can link them manually, with the aid of a proxy management tool, or, if you’re utilizing this service for data collection, through a scraper. To experience internet freedom, simply select the necessary location.

Here are the Main Residential Proxy Use Cases


Now, let’s have a look at the residential proxy use cases together:

  • Cost Aggregators

Price aggregators must collect data every day to achieve their difficult aim of providing their users with accurate and reliable price information. Price aggregators can access all the websites and pages they want thanks to residential proxies. That’s a big deal given that the majority of online shops shield their pages from data collection. Proxy servers, however, are the ideal solution to get around this restriction.

  • Optimization for Search Engines

Proxies are used by SEO experts to check targeted adverts and manage the rankings of websites from several regions. They can confirm everything is going according to plan by viewing the internet through the eyes of a user from a specific country. Additionally, SEO experts can monitor what their rivals are doing and perhaps gain insightful information with the aid of residential proxies.

  • Academic Research

The availability of all the data required for a project is essential for individuals conducting academic research. They must also confirm that this information is accurate. Residential proxies will remove all the restrictions you may run against online. In order to verify the information, they can also allow researchers to see if it appears the same for people in other regions.

  • Testing

Residential proxies are used by developers to test their services and ensure that they function effectively for all users, regardless of where they are located. Additionally, proxies are fantastic for evaluating the server’s security and traffic-handling capabilities. It’s simple for developers to design realistic attacks and traffic loads using different IP addresses.

  • Brand Security

The ability to view the internet through the eyes of consumers from other nations enables brands to swiftly identify criminals. In order to strengthen your brand protection efforts, residential proxies are excellent for identifying instances of infringement and obtaining evidence of IP rights infringement.

Where is It Possible to Find Residential Proxies?

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