RICH REVIEWS: We Are Scarlet Twilight # 2

Title: We Are Scarlet Twilight # 2
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Script and Art: Benjamin W. Morse
Color: Benjamin W. Morse
Letters: Benjamin W. Morse
Covers: Benjamin W. Morse
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Maxie is a good guy and very intelligent just he does not come across as a smart guy but more of a thug. He is preparing to fight the Scarlight Twilight and its leader Madame Satanika.
Maxine the Caretaker/Sidekick/Friend of Captain Lancet is just added into the story with no explanation for why or how he came to be there. This stands out and should have been explored a lot more.
Maxine and his clones plus now Captain Lancet plan to take back the planet from the vampires. Captain Lancet jumps right in and leading the assault on the vampire rulers he finds the task fairly easy. It is not.
Can one man take on a planet of vampires? Maybe. maybe not as Satanika does have a small army. This is gearing up to be one all out battle and Captain lancet is leading the charge while Satanika has a fortress.
One thing that is hinted at but our right said is that Captain Lancet may be Dracula. If so it is definitely a different role for him.
The up grade in weapons is cool to see for Captain Lancet.
In this issue we see the Captain may have been outsmarted and he may be out gunned. He does seem like a person who does relish a good hard fought fight. You do get to see him fight here.
The war has just begun.

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