Silverline’s Wolf Hunter and Sirens

Silverline Comics launches alternate history comic


Silverline Comics is proud to launch a crowdfund campaign for the brand-new alternate history spy-thriller Wolf Hunter, and the horror comic Sirens.

“I’m a fan of war comics,” says Roland Mann, Editor-in-Chief of Silverline. “So I jumped when Tim pitched the idea for Wolf Hunter. And then the remastered version of Sid’s Sirens was ready to go, so it was a quick and easy match for a crowdfund campaign.”

“Wolf Hunter is the fictional story of the Tizard Mission,” says Tim T.K., writer of Wolf Hunter, “the real world mission which gave Britain radar, a vital technological advantage that turned the tide in the Battle of Britain during World War II. In the comic, a German spy has intercepted the mission’s precious cargo and put England at risk of succumbing to the German blockade.”

“Sirens #1 RemiX is the second of our remiX titles,” says BJ Mann, Chief Executive Officer of Silverline Publishing, LLC. “Conceived by Creative Director Kurtis Fujita, we’re digitally remastering and then coloring some of the formerly published Silverline titles, bringing them to a new audience and in a new way.”

Silverline Double Feature: Wolf Hunter #1 and Sirens #1 RemiX is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter as a Kickstarter exclusive flip book. Wolf Hunter #1 is written by Tim TK, pencilled by AJ Cassetta, inked by John Martin, colored by Martin Murtonen, with letters by Mike W. Belcher. It is 22 pages in full color. Sirens #1 is written by Sidney Williams, pencilled by John Drury, inked by Chuck Bordell, lettered by Brad Thomte, with colors by Barb Kaalberg.

The campaign can be found at: and will run through Sunday, March 27.

Kickstarter exclusive covers will include a Wolf Hunter homage cover by Steven Butler, John Martin, and Martin Murtonen, and a Sirens cover by John Drury and Barb Kaalberg.

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