ShieldMaster Returns with Issue #3

WE’RE BACK! Issue 3 delivers some more fantastic art and a great story that leaves you wanting more.

This newest issue is filled with action and story. Jesse Simon returns and this time he is plotting, scripting, and laying out the book. Dive into issue #3 to see his vison take shape with ShieldMaster now being a bi-monthly book!

Issue 3 introduces us to Bradford Pierson, a mysterious kid that is trying to figure out life. He makes decisions and learns of their consequences. ShieldMaster and the team must put a stop to Pierson before he steals classified information from Camp Hero, however when a familar face shows up, that is much easier said than done. This issue sets up future stories to come with twists and turns that are just getting started. We don’t want to give away too much as then we’ll spoil the story!

Tom Morgan, Butch Guice, Thiago lima, and Devin Golden all provide stellar cover art for issue #3 keeping up with the quality of the covers for the first two issues! With a new interior artist, Geovane Amaro, Jesse has worked closely with him. Laying out each page to convey the story properly while delivering engaging visuals that keep you wanting more!

Now presenting the covers to issue #3:

ShieldMaster #3 Variant Cover C Thiago Lima
ShieldMaster #3 Variant Cover B Tom Morgan
ShieldMaster #3 Variant Cover A Butch Guice
ShieldMaster #3 Main Cover Devin Golden


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