Alter Ego #182 and Back Issue #144 coming in June from TwoMorrows Publishing

Alter Ego #182 and Back Issue #144 are both coming out this June from the acclaimed TwoMorrows Publishing. Founded by John and Pam Morrow in 1994, TwoMorrows Publishing has released a line of highly respected and award-winning magazines and books featuring in-depth coverage of comic book history and creators.

Alter Ego #182 is an FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) special, behind a breathtaking Jerry Ordway cover! It include features on Uncle Marvel and the Fawcett Family (presided over by P.C. Hamerlinck), and a focus on artist Kenneth Landau (illustrator of Commander Battle and The Atomic Sub and many ACG horror stories) and writer Lee Goldsmith, who wrote Golden Age Green Lantern, Flash, and others. Plus Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt by Michael T. Gilbert, and more! Edited by Roy Thomas.

This issue will be available digitally and in stores June 7th.

Back Issue #144 spotlights the Bronze Age’s Savage Lands, starring Ka-Zar in the 1970s! Plus: The return of Turok—Dinosaur Hunter, Don Glut’s Dagar and Tragg, Annihilus and the Negative Zone, Planet of Vampires, Pat Mills’s Flesh (from 2000AD), and Walter Simonson and Mike Mignola’s Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure. With Gerry Conway, Paul Gulacy, Larry Hama, Fabian Nicieza, Bart Sears, Roy Thomas, and more superstar creators. Re-presenting the Ka-Zar #1 cover by John Buscema! Edited by Michael Eury.

This issue will be available digitally and in stores June 14th.

Alter Ego #182 and Back Issue #144 are available for purchase on the TwoMorrows website, along with print & digital issues of all their award-winning magazines, including The Jack Kirby Collector, Comic Book Creator, Retro Fan, as well as TwoMorrows’ extensive library of non-fiction books examining the history of comic books and the industry’s most acclaimed creators.

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