SGT. FLAG #1 preview

Rising from his supporting role in Simon N. Kirby, The Agent to his own all-new title, Sgt. Flag finally has his origin story told in all its glory. From his services in the Marine Corps to his first mission for the FBI, see the entire origin story unfold! Sgt. Flag meets Agent Kirby and Agent Squires for the first time and joins the FBI, whether he likes it or not.
Story: Rik Offenberger | Art: Gilbert Monsanto | Letters: Eric N. Bennett | 20 pages
Backup story: SGT. FLAG & WILDCARD
Agent Kirby calls on Wildcard for a bit of corporate espionage. When she goes radio silent, Sgt. Flag is sent in. Will they be able to work together long enough to complete the mission? Introducing Wildcard.
Story: Rik Offenberger & Gregg Whitmore | Pencils: Bobby Ragland | Inks: Luis Rivera | Color: Téo Pinheiro | Letters: Eric N. Bennett | 10 pages
An additional text story about the history of Sgt. Flag’s beginnings| 2 pages
Covers by Gilbert Monsanto, Steven Butler, and Mike Gustovich
A 36 page comic

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