According to Secondsight founder and C.E.O. Bradley Golden, Secondsight Publishing has signed a multiple comic book movie deal with award winning Director Brian Vaughan and Spirit Rider Productions. The comic books to be optioned are: Horror Comics, Leave on the Lights, These Damn Kids and Sonny.


Secondsight Publishing is the home of Horror, Heroes, Sci-Fi and more. Second Sight strives to bring you our fans and readers new & exciting content that our industry has to offer. Though Second Sight has established itself as a successful Horror Comic Publisher as we have
Mississippi Zombie in association with Caliber Comics and Horror Comics through Antarctic Press we felt it was necessary to open our vision and expand into Science Fiction/Fantasy as well as Superheroes.

Spirit Rider Productions is a Queensland-based independent movie and television feature production house established in 1997 by actor/writer/director Brian Vaughan. Since then the company has been involved in numerous shorts and TV pilots.

Brian himself has written 40 shorts and 12 features, and more are on the way. Over the past few years he has also been busy developing feature projects based on novels from overseas and local writers.

Brian has brought Spirit Rider Productions through a series of stages. Starting with short films, he has evolved the undertaking to where he is making himself known in international circles and working with numerous companies to expand both himself and Spirit Rider Productions.

Brian’s philosophy behind the company is simple: “I don’t make films for the masses. I make them for myself. If I can’t feel comfortable watching my own films, how can I expect anyone else to feel comfortable?”

Brian chose the name Spirit Rider for his company in tribute to the spirituality of the American Indian, and his lifelong passion for the Western genre.

Horror Comics 1-3

Written by Bradley Golden and John Crowther

Artists: Andrey Lunatik, Alessio Nocerino

Inks: Colours: Mickey Clausen

Letters: Hector Negrete

Available now at Comic shop near you

Available soon as trade paperback Secondsight Publishing

Leave on the lights 1-3

Writers: Bradley Golden and George Aguilar

Artists: Alex Sarabia, Adam Fields

Colours: Shannon Smith

Letters: Hector Negrete

Available now at Comic shop near you

Available soon as trade paperback Secondsight Publishing

These Damn Kids 1-3

Writers: Peter Breau and Bradley Golden

Artist: Helmut Racho

Letters:Hector Negrete

Available soon Secondsight Publishing

Sonny 1-3

Writer: Bradley Golden

Art: Osvaldo Pestana Montpeller Montos

Letters: Spike Jarrell

Available soon Secondsight Publishing

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