SDCC (audio): Paul Levitz in Conversation with Karen Berger

Karen started off talking about Paul hiring her, she then interviewed
Paul about his being a writer and a businessman. Paul discussed getting
started working for DC and writing comics. He also spoke about balancing
being a creative writer vs business man and the conflict that brings,
having to go to meetings with upper level executives in his early 20s
where everybody else was much older and richer than he was. Paul gave
advice on editing creative people, who his writing influences were, his
work now for Dark Horse Comics. Karen talked about doing books that made
Paul uncomfortable and Paul giving her a lot of rope. Paul discussed the
comics sales transitioning from the newsstand to the Direct Market and
how that affected the writing. Karen revealed how she finally got
approval to print the word “fuck” in a DC comic, the creation of Vertigo
and why. They spoke about finding a Graphic Novel format that worked in
the marketplace. Finally, Paul revealed what his is most proud of in his
career thus far.

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