SDCC (audio): Mike Royer Spotlight

Moderated by Mark Evanier. Mike revealed how he got started in comics,
his working on the Marvel animated cartoons particularly Marvel
Superheroes and the 1966 Spider-Man. Mark and Mike talked about editor
Chase Craig and how important he was to furthering their careers. Royer
gave his views on inking other people’s work, Mike’s work for Jim Warren
and his views on Jim. Royer spoke about his meeting Jack Kirby for the
first time and the circumstances on inking his work, how Royer also
lettered Jack’s work and it was delivered to DC camera ready which was
new for DC’s production dept who previously always “fixed up” artists
work to give it the DC touch. Royer then discussed why he took a hiatus
from inking Kirby’s work and how Kirby reacted, Royer spoke about
working on staff for Disney, what work he was proud of and Jack not
wanting his faces changed.

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