SDCC a long overdue recap

San Diego Comic Con Special Edition

One of the places I recharge my batteries every year was San Diego Comic Con; but then the vile villain Covid-19 showed up. This year SDCC offered a Special Edition and by goodness I ended up on another panel with some of the best and brightest in the industry. Here’s some pics!!!


On the panel with one of my favorite humans THE KALLIE CHRIS !! 

Calm before the storm, just a boy and his name card.. 

Us having pre-show fun!! 

Me with some of my favorite people!! Love you Rik!! I look like a GAME SHOW HOST! 

My spiffy badge … wasn’t it Spiffy!? 

Her cosplaying as TACO and me as… AWESOME?! lol

I hope I see you next year. Also… FU Covid. 

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